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This is, after all, what triggered the first one

  1. 09/01/2013 14:27

    The problem is to be able to gather with others…ENOUGH people to organize. People are scattered all over the U.S….he is now “spying” on emails, cell phones, etc.

    Criminals do NOT register guns…they steal them.
    Right after Obama got into office the first time, he “mentioned” the guns. That winter I had to go to a Pawn Shop. I was in line and teasing the owner, Tommy about “how many guns he had sold.”
    He no longer sells “used guns” people pawn during hard times. They flew off of the shelves. He started HAVING to buy NEW guns to sell. He told me that guns were in demand…so much so, he had to buy the building next to the pawn shop to always have them in stock.

  2. 09/01/2013 16:44

    Excellent interview. Why do some in law enforcement back the White House when it is clear the policy they’re trying to introduce is not only contrary to the US institution but against the rights of the individuals to protect themselves not only against lawlessness but federal Government that appears to be a law unto themselves. The second amendment needs to prevail, it is YOUR constitution and do not let any politicians take it away!

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