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Everyone knows what an idiot Ovomit is, right?


This is one of the better ones it has EVER pulled. Sweet Jesus, what a fucking fool!

ST. PETERSBURG (The Borowitz Report)—Hopes for a positive G20 summit crumbled today as President Obama blurted to Russia’s Vladimir Putin at a joint press appearance, “Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass.”

The press corps appeared stunned by the uncharacteristic outburst from Mr. Obama, who then unleashed a ten-minute tirade at the stone-faced Russian President.

Oooooo, buddy, it done fucked up. In public, and not just a little bit. Read the rest, you’ll love it. I somehow get the feeling this idiot really IS trying to start WW III. Maybe we can just borrow some Spetsnaz and get this government sorted out?

Mr. Putin, I’m pretty sure you’ve got the intel we need, yes? Share it.

  1. 09/08/2013 13:40

    Is that a for real? A 10 minute tirade? Where’s the video????

  2. 09/08/2013 15:47

    I LOVE this Video….Obama is snubbed by the Russians:

  3. 09/08/2013 16:32

    Sorry but I have to repeat myself.

    I believe Vladimir Putin is convinced, for he is keeping and pronouncing Mother Russia as a Christian nation again. Believing it will save his beloved Russia, from the advancing 10th planet of Nibiru’s / ISON 3,600 year orbit’s return and the near destruction of the earth that is upon us all. Russia, in 1925 sent an expedition to Tibet, code (OGPU) and found our planets fate. Funny and odd our own government call it I Son, a questionable reference to Jesus Christ?

    The Russians currently have no trouble openly talking and discussing the world’s fate and Christianity that The U.S. Government denies and cuts off its citizens of any knowledge of and by denying the Christian faith and calling it illegal. We are doomed under Obama’s rule and Iron Feast of corruption and now evident by his multi billion dollar Muslim Brotherhood association grants and foreign aid.

    President Putin relies on undeniable Christian and Judaic prophesies and historic facts that may save those who believe in Jesus Christ’s mercy, for Putin knows there is no force on earth that can save him or Russia, other than the love of Jesus Christ and God of course and their Good News.

    I have noticed our news language interpreters of Russian to American are leaving out and replacing words Putin never states, regrettably one actually needs read Pravda, for they dare not change a single word Putin states, with no teleprompter.

    “(Before It’s News)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent an open letter to Americans and what it says might make you look at him in an entirely different light. In fact, in reading his letter, I can only wish that Barack Obama thought much the same way as him on the most pertinent issues. Why, is it that Barack Obama is supporting these same Unholy, Unruly, Jihadi Muslims that Vladimir Putin is hoping to crush? In fact, Putin’s interview below is quite thought provoking, especially when he admits that his good friend and ally Bashar Al-Assad IS capable of possible launching such an attack upon his own people. Putin also has called the US government ‘outlaws’ if they strike out at Syria as shared in the video at the bottom of the story. The first two sentences of Putin’s letter makes it plainly clear Putin is aiming much of his talk to the ‘sheeple’.

    How do I put this politely? You Americans are dumb. Today, Russia and America are fighting each other over fighting the Muslim radicals. Instead, we should be uniting to crush these violent Islamists, once and for all.

    You Americans want to remove my ally, the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. To borrow a phrase from your John F. Kennedy, Assad may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s my son-of-a-bitch.

    So if you want to destroy him, what are you going to give me in return? If your answer is, “We will give you nothing,” well, why would I ever agree to that? That’s not negotiation, that’s dictation; it’s a return to the bad Yeltsin days, when Holy Mother Russia was pushed into the mud like a used whore.

    Look, I’ll be the first to say that Obama’s “red line” comment was dumb. It’s obvious he hadn’t thought it through; one can see it in the words he used to express his policy. He said that the “red line” would be crossed if “a whole bunch” of chemical weapons were used. What kind of language is that? How does one quantify a “whole bunch”? This is the President of the High-and-Mighty United States, and he’s talking like a schoolboy? All for this silliness over sarin in Syria?

    Do I think that Assad did it? Gassed those people? I don’t know; I’ve never asked him. He’s certainly capable of it, and yet only the Americans think that the case against Assad is a “slam dunk.” Everyone else agrees that the case is murky. Everyone else follows the first rule of intelligence-gathering: Consider the source–namely, the pro-rebel media. In this instance, the rebels were losing, and then they got “gassed”–and now Uncle Sam is rushing to their side. How convenient.

    So, even Putin thinks that Assad is capable of launching chemical weapons attacks against his own people; however, at least he would prefer to wait until the United Nations report is released before launching attacks against him. So, does Putin even have a solution or is he all just talk, talk, talk? He ends his letter to the American people with a few suggestions.:

    So those are the real evil empires: Iran and Pakistan. Bringing them to heel won’t be easy, of course, but we Russians have never shied away from strong measures. The Americans could learn a lot from us.

    So that’s my vision. Let’s stop worrying about silly little niceties about the right and the wrong way to fight a war. Let’s stop trying to bring democracy to barbarians. Instead, let’s bring them the only thing they understand–force.

    Let’s all of us–Moscow, Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Jerusalem, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Beijing, New Delhi–come together in a new Holy Alliance, similar to that which kept Europe safe from radicalism in the early 19th century. Let’s join one another to crush the unholy, unruly, jihadi Muslims. The good Muslims will thank us for it. And if they don’t–too bad.

    Admit it: You, too, think it’s a good idea.”

  4. 09/08/2013 16:37

    I CANNOT possibly add one thing to your post. You said it all! GREAT POST!!!

  5. 09/08/2013 18:41

    upaces88 : is 90 % of America is so stupid or bigoted and atheist, they have no clue of want is going on? History really does repeat itself, for this shit is too unreal not to be factual. I regret I keep forgetting seconds are centuries to God.

  6. 09/08/2013 19:11

    I don’t know for sure. One or two of the comments over there said something about it being a spoof post, but with the American Media being as they are we cannot know. Check Canada Free Press. Personally, I can believe this thing is ass enough to do that, knowing the LSM will cover it up.

  7. 09/08/2013 19:13

    Or centuries are seconds. Time is only God’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.

  8. 09/08/2013 19:36

    Sad to say, but I cut most people loose a long time ago. I’d get too angry with them for not paying attention. It started with me right after JFK was murdered….then again right after 9/11. 9/11 opened my eyes!!

    I live like a hermit…and happy to do so. I do have a dear friend I have known since she was about 14 yrs old; and now 40 yrs old. She works two jobs, raises 3 children and has a useless husband.

    She called me from Arizona all freaked out. This was last year she found out Obama is a Muslim and wasn’t born here. I sent her everything I had; and even though she works all of the time, she NOW wants to be kept informed as to what is “really” going on.

    Before 9/11, I think all of us, for the most part, took our freedom for granted…like breathing fresh air. To defend us? We have NO FRAME OF REFERENCE in our history that a coup could possibly happen in this country…that is what it is….A COUP. This will be a very hard repair (weak word for war in this country). Unfortunately, I do think that is exactly what is going to happen.

    I think we will see people who haven’t been paying attention to be hit so hard, I think the alcohol and illegal drug sales will spiral. I do believe that our psychiatric hospitals will have a new type of patients….the moms, dads, businessmen, etc., who haven’t realized the country is falling apart. They’ve been busy working; coming home catching the news “believing they were/are getting everything they need to keep up. They eat dinner, watch the news, then a TV series, and go to bed….get up the next day and start all over again.

    I hope I made sense to you.

  9. 09/08/2013 20:33

    upaces88: A brilliant observation and serial account of today’s troubles and tribulations.

  10. 09/08/2013 22:11

    What we need is EXACTLY THAT, a coup. By PATRIOTIC AMERICAN SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 09/08/2013 23:48

    I’m older and retired. I have the luxury of being online, sometimes 8-10 hrs a day.
    The younger people work. I didn’t go into it, but Tom, our entire society after, hmmm, WWI, and the “referenced” fight in Korea as a Police Action….Americans believed they could now be safe again AFTER WWII..

    They went about their business of working, and every night watching the news, you know, to keep up with everything going on….then to the new TV Series, and sitting down with the family.
    Then I noticed a huge change…seems those of us who were small children and on into their teens after about(?) 1955 were taught ethics in the work place. Give the man (or company) who pays you every minute of your time that he paid you. It didn’t matter if you were paid $1.25 an hour or $15.00 an hour, you gave that man (or company) your time and effort for those 8 hrs. That all started changing drastically.
    Then about the time of Affirmative Action, I began seeing a rise in the “lack of work ethics.” AND, it grew into political war games inside the work place vs. doing a job right gets you noticed…not who was sabotaged and moved out of the way for your advancement! It has become more and more vicious.

    A couple of years ago, I took a P-T job in a very plush Doggie Daycare. I saw grown women (apx. 25 yrs old) punch each other in the face because they wanted to be the “supervisor of the week.” What the hell happened to the work ethic? Learning to do the job and EARNING the promotion?

    I’ll stop rambling now….I am just still disappointed, saddened at the lack of value people place on their efforts to EARN a raise or promotion vs. cheating, and/or grabbing it for the sake of Power vs. doing the job right and teaching others how to do the same.

    I am not putting myself down. It is seemingly a fact. I don’t belong in our society today out in the workplace. I cannot relate to their way of doing business.

  12. 09/08/2013 23:54

    Take my military service, for example. The military I joined was NOT the one I retired from, and today’s? BWAHAHAHAHA.

  13. 09/09/2013 04:39

    upaces88: “I am not putting myself down. It is seemingly a fact. I don’t belong in our society today out in the workplace. I cannot relate to their way of doing business.”

    No greater words are these of yours, because I agree and they reflect my sentiments also. I feel and know I am an outcast of a bygone error or area or is it era? That when anyone could yell and tell you, “You are making a big mistake”” without any thought of reprisal, at least I thought one could, not expecting a “thank you” but a pause in someone’s action at least before you called them a “fucking asshole”.

    The PC (political correctness) mindset has come into full fruition of utter distrust and its own caucus of confusion as in lustful Dr. Spock’s books, “never discipline a child.” of teaching parents anything and everything works but not the truth!

  14. 09/09/2013 15:58

    I don’t belong in our society either.

    To make ends meet I rent a room in my home. That has been an “up close and personal” education for me concerning the “You owe me” group….the “entitled.”

    IF the one who rents is over 50, they pay their rent on time and don’t expect favors. I stopped renting to anyone 40 yrs old and younger. There’s something missing or a malfunction in their conscience. I have seen people in that age group actually get angry when I stand tote-to-toe with them and having to “demand the rent $.” For some reason, they expect to live somewhere free!!!

    I warn them, “You do NOT want to fuck with this ol’ lady!” They have no conscience… no ethics ad they don’t seem to have the ability to see beyond their own needs and opinions.

  15. 09/09/2013 23:45

    Yeah, things started to go strange in the 70’s, about when these people were born.

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