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Oh. My. GOD! Thank you FX!


This looks to be one of the greatest ideas in history! Go see!

  1. 09/15/2013 10:08

    Actually I was looking for one with a bacon filling but that looks so exquisitely crafted from the weaving to the perfection of how the bacon would have had to have been cooked(just crispy enough to be tasty yet pliable enough to weave into a shape with out crumbling ) that I thought that was as perfect a thing as can be crafted by man.

    The Mona Lisa, The Statue of David, the Venus de Milo all second rate hackery compared to that bacon taco.

    Well maybe I exaggerate a little. 😉

  2. 09/15/2013 10:24

    Oh and some required reading from the inimitable Mark Steyn

    As for Putin’s American-exceptionalism crack, he was attacking less the concept than Obama’s opportunist invocation of it as justification for military action in Syria. Nevertheless, Democrats and Republicans alike took the bait. Eager to mend bridges with the base after his amnesty bill, Marco Rubio insisted at National Review Online that America was still, like, totally exceptional.

    Sorry, this doesn’t pass muster even as leaden, staffer-written codswallop. It’s not the time — not when you’re a global joke, not when every American ally is cringing with embarrassment at the amateurishness of the last month. Nobody, friend or foe, wants to hear about American exceptionalism when the issue is American ineffectualism. On CBS, Bashar Assad called the U.S. government “a social-media administration.” He’s got a better writer than Obama, too. America is in danger of being the first great power to be laughed off the world stage. When the president’s an irrelevant narcissist and his secretary of state’s a vainglorious buffoon, Marco Rubio shouldn’t be telling the world don’t worry, the other party’s a joke, too.

    Steyn as usual hits the nail squarely on the head. We are being led by fourth rate political hacks masquerading as 3rd rate intellectuals. Putin is winning this game but it is much like the when Nebraska used to rule the then Big 8 (or as it used to be derisively called the big two and the little six) and beat up on the Oklahoma State’s, University of Kansas’s et al but would always seem to lose the big one to Oklahoma . We are supposed to be Oklahoma but with Obama at the helm we are more like Iowa State or even worse one of the non conference donkey’s Nebraska used to schedule and beat 70-3.

  3. Jeffrey Hardin permalink
    09/15/2013 19:49

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  4. 09/15/2013 23:39

    Steyn got it on the nose, but for one point. Or did you just not clip it? When W was President, we didn’t face the ridicule of the planet. Until maybe “07, when the demoncraps took Congress. The rest of the planet knows as well as we do that these buffoons are poison to our nation. But the “gimme society” is somehow enough to take enough seats to elect them when those of us that are the givers to the gimmes relax, thinking everything is under control.

  5. 09/15/2013 23:39

    You exaggerate not a tweet.

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