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I’m so glad I can bring up my zen at times


Pseudonym, because he fears for his life. This is what is in DC, operating as our government.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    10/28/2013 16:56

    …and Obama funds Al Qaeda….that’s why he told everyone to “stand down.”

  2. 10/28/2013 19:54


  3. 10/29/2013 16:19

    I interrupt this thread to bring you this grim piece of news

    The reason that the military doesn’t honor it’s oath is because it appears the current officer corps does not truly believe in that oath via instapundit

    Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups — that was the message soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter-intelligence agent who headed up the meeting.
    If you do, you could face punishment — that was the other half of the message, as reported by Fox News.

    I’m sure no admonition was given about being associated with Islam or the communist party both of which are primary allies of the New Fascist party(formerly the “Democrat” party that currently is infesting this country.

    This infestation is beyond reason as those who wish to re-establish the constitution are slandered by those who fraudulently took an oath to defend that document while they dishonestly undermine it.

    When deceit becomes so palapably apparent and the denial of the plain meaning of words become so obvious there can be no peaceful solution I’m afraid.

  4. 10/29/2013 16:36

    Our friend Fran Poretto, as usual,has a great exegesis on what has now become galloping totalitarianism.

    It’s all out in the open now, Gentle Reader. The forces of totalitarianism are advancing swiftly. The Democrats are the mobile army in the field; with a few honorable exceptions, the Republicans provide the mere appearance of an opposition. The two groups share a single agenda: more power for each and for all.

    Partisan commentators who claim that we should support all Republican candidates unquestioningly as the only hope for the defense of freedom are either unable to admit that the GOP has sold its soul for a piece of the action, or are in on the game. There are a few nonpartisan commentators clear-eyed enough to see what’s happening before us all, but their influence pales before that of the heavily promoted partisans. At any rate, what with there now being more recipients of government largesse than non-recipients, and the treasuries of the state governments having become dependent upon revenue from the federal coffers, the vote has been effectively neutered.

    What, then, must we do?

    It’s a grim question for a Saturday morning in October. Only three paths forward remain:


    The only way the country can be resuscitated is by shock. The totalitarians are ruthless and dishonest. They do not care. The useful idiots have sold us out long ago and do not understand they are next on the menu. As I have said many times totalitarianism is driven by ego and narcissism. Those who support this evil do so because their egos have been flattered by those with malign intent by those whose egos are even bigger but their power lust is all consuming.

    Their minions have taught generations of children to be lemmings. That the state, in defiance of all history, is the harbinger of goodness and compassion. The BIG LIE has worked it’s magic. The only way to atone is written in blood.

  5. 10/29/2013 19:51

    Yes, I’m afraid it rapidly moves in that direction.

  6. 10/29/2013 19:53

    It doesn’t matter to me. If they are traitors, there is but one suitable response.

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