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Jackboot has brought up some history


Something that we all, ALL, warned you about at the time. I remember being at the visitor center on base, writing passes for civilians being brought in by the guys for the evening, and I called the wife when McPain called it. I remember her words at the time: “We are so fucked.”. She was correct. This MGMMPOS has nothing to sweat regarding it’s re-election, as it is on it’s second term and that is what it is Constitutionally limited to. Of course, we know that the Constitution’s limits and requirements don’t really mean a fucking thing to it. But as nutless as the CONgress has been, if it decides to void the electoral process and assume the throne they won’t do a thing about it.

Here, have a little clip of Jackboot’s post:

I stumbled across this recently on a progressive website laughing at the “meltdown” of the Right’s “wing nuts” following the election of 2008. I couldn’t help but wonder if they all feel the same way now?

Still joyous that the incompetent community organizer has brought to pass exactly what we predicted he would? Compare how you feel now with how you felt then. I know history isn’t your strong suit particularly when the promises of free shit from Ogabe’s stash are being offered.

The site was entitled “Sadly No” and I won’t give the assholes the traffic linking them here. The point is that we were 1000 percent dead-nuts on about the turn we took then and foolishly again in 2012. Karma is a bitch that always, always provides payback to those that call her out. I thought y’all might enjoy reading what we predicted 5 years ago. Teh Suck™ of being Conservative is being so damnably correct all the time. Progressives are never wrong, their best laid plans that utterly fail are always Someone Else’s™ fault right?

The rest of it is reminders of the discussion of the time, and the wondering about TEH STOOOPID of last year. Hey, go read it and be aware this still isn’t over. But it may get even uglier before it gets better.

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