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Law Prof: Obama’s ‘concentration of power’ a danger to the constitutional system


From The Examiner.

A noted liberal law professor, Jonathan Turley, says Barack Obama is a danger – to the U.S. Constitution. Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar, and law professor at Georgetown.

The topics Turley has written about range from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law. He was appointed in 1998 to the prestigious Shapiro Chair for Public Interest at GW.

He served as the legal expert in the British Columbia Supreme Court’s review of polygamy laws. He’s also been a consultant on homeland security issues, and dealt with national security cases involving espionage.

His work regularly appears in the New York Times and USA Today.

The following comments from him came during a House Judiciary Committee hearing this week.

Read the rest. This is “A noted liberal law professor”, and THEY are waking up to this shit.

UPDATE: Just found this one about Trey Gowdy, running on the same line.

When, folks? When? Not if, but when.

  1. 12/05/2013 17:12

    Turley is, indeed, a “liberal” but in the old fashioned, classical sense. In modern terms, I would probably classify him as a moderate Libertarian. Unlike modern “liberals,” he has neither an empty head nor a closed mind.

  2. 12/05/2013 17:13

    Excellent credentials and philosophy then.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    12/08/2013 14:25

    Any Law agent (I mean any) can and should arrest Obama, for High Treason. “READ THIS!”


    By Coach Dave Daubenmire, November 12, 2013

    Fraud- Deception carried out for the purpose of achieving personal gain while causing injury to another party.

    Although there are many different types and forms of fraud, basically the crime of fraud involves the use of deception for financial or personal gain. Fraud can also be committed to gain an unfair advantage or to damage another.

    In order for criminal fraud to take place, in most states, the following elements of the crime must be proven:

    • A misrepresentation of material facts
    • The perpetrator knows or believes it is not true
    • The victim relies on the falsehood
    • It results in actual loss or damage.

    Fraud can range from a street-level con game to insider fraud within the world’s largest corporations. There are laws against tax fraud, insurance fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, credit card fraud, securities fraud and even religious and marriage fraud.

    What about Governmental fraud?

    Can someone please tell me why Bernie Madoff is in prison and Obama isn’t?

    If Americans permit this crime to go unpunished then our Republic is dead. Folks, this is not a political issue, despite what the talking heads on TV want you to believe. This is a legal issue.

    Even in amoral America, fraud is still a crime. Lying about a contract is fraud and fraud legally cancels a contract. Obama Care is void because of the fraudulent way it was presented. Read here.

    President Obama should go to jail.

    But he is not the only one. The entire government complex is complicit in this crime. From watching “Dragnet” as a young child I learned that helping someone commit a crime is to be labeled an accessory. Accessories to crimes are also criminals.

    Boehner is an accessory. So are McConnell, Pelosi, Reid, your congressman and senators, and the entire Supreme Court of the United States. When those assigned the duty of defending the laws, don’t, we become a lawless nation. Everyone of those scoundrels swore an oath to the Constitution. They have violated it.

    They are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. Obama Care is fraud…plain and simple. Will no one do anything about it?

    Come on now. If a policeman were to eyewitness a bank robbery would he not be derelict in his duty to not arrest the offender? If I can see the fraud…if you can see the fraud….do you really think THEY can’t see it? President Obama’s lies constitute fraud.

    “An official such as the president does not need to take a special oath to become subject to the penalties of perjury. He took an oath, by Art. II Sec. 1 Cl. 8, to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” to the best of his ability. While he holds that office, he is always under oath, and lying at any time constitutes perjury if it is not justified for national security.” View

    Nearly thirty times the President told the American people that “if you like your coverage you can keep it. If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.”

    Now we find out that we can’t and that He knew that we couldn’t. All of Congress knows he said it. All of the Justice Department knows he said it. All of the SCOTUS knows that he said it.

    Elected officials are not exempt from our laws. In fact, they are held to a higher standard.

    Our Constitution calls what Obama has done a “high crime.” What does that mean? What makes something a “high crime?”

    “High Crime” does not refer to the severity of the crime that is committed, but rather to the position of the one who commits the crime. A “high crime” is a crime committed by a person of “high authority.” The “higher” the elected position, the “higher” the severity of the crime.

    Bill Clinton “lied about sex” or at least that is what they told us. “Everyone lies about sex”, remember? But Bill Clinton wasn’t just the average “Joe Blow” (sorry). His lying under oath was more serious because he had a “high” position. Elected officials should be held to a higher standard when they betray the public trust.

    Sadly, those in “high positions” today use their power to excuse their law breaking. Holding the “highest” office in the land does not give the President the right to commit fraud. It does just the opposite. It raises the bar in regards to honesty. Lying is a betraying of the public trust.

    Treason–Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

    President Obama has committed treason.. Obama Care is aiding our enemies by destroying the economic stability of the citizens of this nation. Obama Care steals from the citizens.

    No one will say it. No one has the guts to take a stand. This isn’t a political issue; this is a national security issue. The liars all protect each other.

    Our government is criminal. Let’s face the facts. Why waste time trying to unravel hidden lies…Benghazi, NSA, IRS…when we won’t deal with the obvious public lies?

    We can’t get lost in the weeds. The scandals in our government are legion, but every “investigation” leads down a bunny trail and permits the guilty to continue to lie and obfuscate. In the Obama administration the buck never stops.

    But Obama Care is different. He lied to the American people regarding legislation that involves 1/6th of the US economy. That financial rape dwarfs anything Bernie Madoff could have hoped to have done. Millions will have to pay more based on a lie. That is fraud.

    Let me make this so simple that even a public school graduate can understand.

    The President and the Congress sold Obama Care to us on false pretenses. We have video of his lie. We have eyewitness accounts. We now know it was a lie, and we know that he knew it was untrue when he said it.

    Folks, nothing else matters. His lie constitutes fraud–Deception carried out for the purpose of achieving personal gain while causing injury to another party—PERIOD.

    In the private sector the Department of Justice would be all over it. In the government, the Department of Justice is part of the fraud. They throw Madoff in prison and cover for Obama.

    America would be safer with Bernie Madoff in the White House.

    Our government is lawless. The foxes are minding the chicken coop. If this crime is not punished America is nothing more than one of those Banana Republics we all used to laugh about.

    Are there no honest judges in America? Are there no honest legislators in America? Where are the ACLJ, The Rutherford Institute, The Alliance Defense Fund, the Thomas More Society, et al? Rather than fighting over manger scenes and a picture of Jesus hanging in the halls of the school why won’t they focus all of their power on removing the liar in the White House? He defrauded the citizens!

    Our elected officials do not have the stones to do it. Once again the question must be asked, where are those who represent the Lord? Until we demand accountability from those who hold public office we will never right the ship.

    The dude lied to us. It has caused millions of Americans great harm. If we don’t stand up now Katy bar the door.

    Silence is consent. Not to act is to act.

    Obama Care was sold to us under false pretenses. It was a miss-representation of the product by the salesman selling it to us. That is fraud in any book. The CEO of a private business who did what Obama did would be in jail. Why isn’t he?

    What if your mechanic defrauded you? What if it was your banker…your accountant…your employee…your meat cutter…would you react the same way?

    Am I racist because I think it is wrong for a President to lie? He lied to us, plain and simple. Does no one care? Am I wrong to expect black men to be honest?

    This isn’t about some friggin website having glitches. It’s about America having glitches.

    I wonder what else he has lied about…Check us out today:”

  4. 12/08/2013 22:13

    Brilliant! Another Poet post!

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