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I have just linked another website to the blogroll


Duffel Blog. Excellent stuff over there. It was sent to me by FX as “a parody I might enjoy”, and boy howdy did I!

Sigh, would that it were truth. Ah but it may end up being, may we pray.

“I come in peace, by myself, in order to hand-deliver a Memorandum of Concern to the Commander in Chief and the Senate,” said Mattis in a press conference. “I am moving on foot at a leisurely pace, with no ill will. If these American citizens choose to take a stroll with me, then who am I to turn down their companionship?”

The contents of the so-called memorandum are unknown, but are rumored by Mattis’ close advisors to contain paragraphs addressing unconstitutional acts by the administration and the Senate. Alarmed by the amassing of troops sympathetic to Mattis over the last week at Fort Myer, the Senate, the President, and various generals attempted to recall various combat divisions to Washington to defend the city.

These included the 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne, 10th Mountain, and 3rd Infantry Divisions, in addition to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force.

“We even attempted to contact NAVSURFLANT and SUBLANT,” confided one Senate aide as he packed his Datsun to flee northward. “All we got was laughter and then static.”

OMG! And the site has links for each branch, and so on. This guy is brilliant!

  1. upaces88 permalink
    12/24/2013 22:58

    I hope it is saying what I think it is saying.

  2. 12/24/2013 23:03

    Would that it were true. Someday, maybe.

  3. Blessed B. permalink
    12/25/2013 02:34

    Mattis has the following even though he is no longer in the Military per se….I’d be willing to bet that he could get that many to follow him to march on DC. Would love to see the politician’s faces if this ever happened! LOL!

  4. 12/25/2013 06:22

    I would, for one.

  5. poetopoet permalink
    12/25/2013 08:35

    They could not find Obama in any Government Records for verification of his fornication but his fabrication of his confirmation and he is not even Catholic by any dedication or any variation thereof.

    Throw the bum out before it’s to late!

    “Figures. Obama Tried to Sign Up for Obamacare But “System Couldn’t Verify His Identity” (Video)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, December 23, 2013, 8:24 PM

    According to the White House, President Obama tried to symbolically sign up for Obamacare but the system didn’t recognize him.

    Ed Henry at FOX News reported:

    “We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But, then they came back to us and said – Wait, he didn’t actually enroll. They said his staff did it and that’s because of his unique circumstance as Commander in Chief. That his personal information is not in particular government data bases. So could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough… So his staff did it.” Proof?

  6. upaces88 permalink
    12/25/2013 14:58

    O’ Good Lord! HE IS A is right there! And, STILL nothing is being done about him!

  7. Blessed B. permalink
    12/25/2013 20:36

    I just found out something…. Mattis has been planning to do this… it’s not the memorandum of concern that he’ll be giving them only…. it’s the Constitution…We the people….

    Perhaps the blogsite you linked to just made it a parody…. so no one would take it serious?

    He has planned stops on the way….. picking up supplies…..

    Keep your eyes and ears open!

  8. 12/25/2013 22:17

    If it turns real, I’ll be there.

  9. 12/25/2013 22:19

    TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 12/25/2013 22:20

    You do know they ran it on e-verify, and no joy. Years back.

  11. poetopoet permalink
    12/26/2013 03:56

    Liberals are America’s cancer; they must be eradicated, along with their leaders.

    This nation cannot and will not survive their treasonous manipulations of We the Peoples Constitution.

    The barn door is wide open for America to fail and those in power (elected) do not care, for it appears clear to me and others I read.

    These secret and not so secret government agencies that tell We the People what we can and cannot do are everywhere and they have gone far beyond the point of no return, meaning its their way or you die bureaucratically by the IRS, FBI, NSA, FAA, FCC etc, etc.

    When the monthly job numbers say 400,000 new jobs were created, they fail to state 210,000, were government jobs. This civil service army is an octopus with its tentacles in everything product and every deed done badly or good.

    We the People have coddled some of them and them being our own children; we sent off to college and school and they returned to us as useless idiots, telling and demanding us what We the People did wrong.

    God forgive me for we have spoiled them.

  12. poetopoet permalink
    12/26/2013 04:24

    My Terry’s son (not mine) on Christmas day told her not come over because she was late, although she posted on a calender 3-4 dinner Nicks, at 2:40 he called and asked where where we, She politely said I waiting for the casserole cook and be right there, (she is a great cook) on third try she finally released he was telling her not come over, ten minutes away, and In ten years it was the first time they invited me.

    For a person who runs a state run drug rehab facility he is as sensitive as a rattle snake.
    at 75 my Terry, her son treats her like shit. That is he, her son who and daughters too who we sent off to college and got back fucking ungrateful liberal assholes, ok I am done, they call here again they can go to fucking hell.

  13. 12/26/2013 06:22


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