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They don’t like these?


Fuck them, that’s exactly why I want one:

  1. 01/01/2014 10:20

    My type of shop to shoot for, these toys are for all Patriots, if Obama can give them away to Mexican drug dealers I want two to give to my local Boy Scouts to train with and defend themselves with against Obama.

  2. 01/01/2014 11:09

    Perfect idea!

  3. 01/08/2014 11:29

    Hehe…I’ve got a predecessor to the last one they showed. 😉

  4. 01/08/2014 22:39

    Sweet! I’m thinking of getting something for one of my Mosins, probably from

  5. upaces88 permalink
    01/08/2014 22:44

    Jonolan, I was just mentioning you yesterday! There was an article about a Pentagram and a goat. CM, you still have it?
    The point I was bringing up was that the “right side up Pentagram was ancient and was NOT a sign of Satan vs. the upside down Pentagram which has a totally different meaning.

    Mr! Where have you been? LOL

  6. 01/08/2014 22:48

    I posted it yesterday, yeah I’ve still got it.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    01/08/2014 23:08

    If they don’t like them…they don’t have to buy one.

  8. 01/08/2014 23:21


  9. 01/09/2014 06:27

    Actually, upaces, the orientation of the pentagram / pentacle wasn’t deemed significant until the 19th century and even that change was based on certain forms of pagan belief, not Christian ones.

    You see, upright the symbolism show spirit over matter and inverted it shows matter over spirit, not something any of us, Pagan or Christian, really favor…with the exception of the Satanists who seem to revel in anything that annoys or offends anyone else…just because it does so.

  10. upaces88 permalink
    01/09/2014 18:05

    Thank you Jonolan. I knew that you’d know!

  11. 01/09/2014 23:14

    Excellent source indeed!

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