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Kalashnikov: Promoting peace and calm


Found this rather interesting article about the “rebranding” of the Kalashnikov Concern. For all the horrible things that this device has been used for, it has also defended far more than it has enslaved. THAT is why Mikhail Kalashnikov invented the damn thing!

I will freely admit that I love mine dearly. Much more accurate than they are supposed to be, plenty of power to take down a feral hog or a deer, it is a very useful firearm. And perfectly serviceable if the SHTF. Russia makes a very good rifle, at a very good price.

Also from the KC are the Baikal and Izhmash brands of specifically sporting and competition firearms.

Kalashnikov Concern was created by a merger of the Kalashnikov brand, Baikal hunting rifles and Izhmash sports rifles. Kalashnikov Concern plans to release a range of sportswear and knives as well as its traditional lines of weaponry. The rebranding, by a Moscow-based PR firm, was reported to have cost about 20m roubles (£250,000).

Shotguns, rifles, airguns, and because of the MGMMPOS we are denied access to these. Probably for the very reason they were invented, IYKWIMAITTYD.

Krivoruchko said on Tuesday that a huge contract to supply up to 200,000 weapons a year to the US and Canada is still on hold after Washington slapped sanctions on Russian defence companies including Kalashnikov over the summer, in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The US accuses Russia of backing the insurgency in east Ukraine, where Kalashnikov rifles are used both by the insurgents and the Ukrainian forces.

It was more to deny us the tools, I’d be willing to wager. You’ll want to go over to the article and get all of it. Fascinating stuff. Kalashnikov himself had pangs of guilt regarding what his rifles had been used for. If it hadn’t been HIS design, it would have been something else that was used for the same reason. That is human nature. There are those who would oppress, and those that want to just be left alone. If you wish to be left alone, you must be prepared to protect that.

Kalashnikov himself died last year in Izhevsk, aged 94. Shortly before his death he wrote a letter of repentance to the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, asking whether he should seek forgiveness for creating a weapon that had been responsible for so much death. The patriarch reportedly replied that the weapon had been used “in defence of the motherland” and said Kalashnikov had given an example of “patriotism and serving one’s country”.

Rest In Peace, great warrior. Your intent has not gone awry. If we can’t get them from Russia, by God we’ll make them here!

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