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Actually, speaking of “Exactly”


As I remember my history from so long ago, and quite probably why I hear so much about the degradation OF the history our children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren are being taught, we tried peaceful protest. Then we got a bit louder. Then the government started violent retribution. THEN we shot them.

Looks like that’s the route it will go again. But that’s also why we wrote the Constitution, so we wouldn’t have to go that way. But, as all supposed free societies in the past have gone, the government slowly but surely eroded the rights of the people. “For the greater good”. Piece at a time, little bit here, little bit there, until one morning we woke to find we were ruled not represented.

Well, it has taken them nearly a century because Americans were used to freedom and watched a bit more closely than today’s society. Piece at a time, little bit here, little bit there, wait a bit, little bit here, little bit there, taxation so far beyond what we rebelled against in the first place, back off some, feed it back in a piece at a time, …

Now, PC has us unable to say things, 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and 5th Amendments are kinda screwed if you’ve paid attention at all, the 2nd Amendment is supposed to be to protect the rest and it’s NOTHING like it was in the beginning because “Why would you need that? Just give up this piece,…”, we could go on.

Article 6 demands the requirement to swear to UPHOLD the Constitution for all offices in government, how’s that going for us? To violate your OATH to said Constitution could well be considered treason, if we had courts that were not in that same lying in said OATH mode.

Enough for now. Except to say that the only thing somewhat protecting our 1st Amendment rights is the interwebz. And you’ll notice they’ve tried to attack that time and again. Radio is pretty good, because we have those who do speak out there, but there aren’t as many of them as there should be. As for we bloggers, how many read us? Read our rants and think?

Okay, that’s enough for now.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/14/2014 18:50

    I’m trying to read the tea leaves on Obama. He’s got just over 2 years to go, IF he leaves office at the end of his term. There’s been a fair amount of speculation that he won’t, that he’ll be the first U.S. President to try to extend his regime with a coup of some sort.

    Looking at the headlines, We have what I’ll call the Ferguson protests. These are anti police, anti white protests with looting and burning of businesses. They’ve been building rather steadily since Trayvon Martin got stupid. The events being protested are geared more toward emotional impact (12 year old with toy killed) than they are concerned with poorly executed police procedures and actual bigotry.

    We also have our President and Attorney General telling the protestors to “stay the course”.

    So, you might say we have our President fomenting civil unrest in the form of a race war. Don’t forget either, that police agencies all across the U.S. have the very best gear left over from a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, including armored vehicles, grenade launchers and full auto weapons.

    If/When the civil unrest grows to a sufficient point, Obama declares a state of emergency and becomes President for Life.

    As far fetched as that scenario may be, there are many indicators to support it and absolutely nothing to contradict it. What other reason could Obama have for intentionally stirring racial animosity?

  2. 12/14/2014 19:13

    No other reason at all, my friend. What truly hurts me is that WE see it, but those in the position to deal with it are either sell outs, or don’t realize it. Traitors and imbeciles.

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