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Are any of my readers anywhere near me?


Clovis NM is a fair sized town with a good bit of old fashioned decent attitude. And we’ve got gun shops. Several really good gun shops. For a town no bigger than this it’s a LOT of gun shops, per capita. One of these is actually in a hardware store! Remember how I’ve said that, by the wording and original meaning of the 2A, you should be able to go into any hardware store and buy a gun? This one you can. Unfortunately you still have to fill out the paperwork, which must be kept available for years, in case the popo come in wanting records, which would allow for confiscation, should the government ever go more NAZI than they already are. But NM isn’t near as crazy as them yankeeland places that have waiting periods and crap. Pass the NICS while you wait, walk out with your gear.

Anyway, to get back to the original thought, if you are anywhere around here support your local gun shop. These guys, to a man, are really “of the culture” and deserve your support.

And my area of Eastern NM is more like Texas than the western section is. Weird. You would want to think that this entire state would be as conservative as Texas, that the entire state would be like this place is. Well, you’ve seen the color maps of who voted how, and that most of the territory of the US of A IS conservative. Unfortunately, too many people live in the city, and the city votes seem to outnumber the country votes.

Just thinking, just rambling. Category tags selected for your consideration and contemplation.

  1. 12/26/2014 20:05

    Wish I was

  2. 12/27/2014 00:48

    Well, where are you?

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/27/2014 02:01

    Last July I came as close as Roswell on my way from Dallas to Flagstaff.

    I suspect my neighborhood (San Pedro, CA) has more people than your county.

  4. 12/27/2014 02:24

    Quite probably.

  5. 12/27/2014 06:20

    Does New Mexico have “constitutional carry?”

  6. 12/27/2014 09:23

    We’re working on it. Open carry is legal, and CCPs are easy to get. Texas and Arizona have “non resident” licences that you can get with your DD214 and half the price of the NM licence which are honored here. Constitutional carry would be better, I agree.

  7. skybill permalink
    12/28/2014 00:54

    Hi CM,
    I’m over in SE La. north of the lake in the redneck pine woods and swamps around the lakes. ‘Would be quite a hike to NM. Made the treck many years ago a couple of times to get to the “Left Coast!!” Thank God I never stopped in Demming!!!!! Anyhoo, Love La., ‘got “Open Carry!!” Don’t need no stinkin’ concealed carry, “What for!!???”Just sling it on yer belt and “Open Pack!!”

  8. 12/28/2014 09:26

    The thing I rather like about having options is that “they” don’t KNOW if you’re packing. And if the SHTF you can deal with it. Mind you, if it’s open carried there are the hoplophobes who’ll just piddle in their panties and complain. Then again, there aren’t very many of those around here.

  9. BoynSea permalink
    12/28/2014 21:43

    The best gun shop I’ve ever seen was in a Walmart, in Wasilla, Alaska. Just about anything you could want, unless your interest lies in RPGs and the like. Lots of folks carry open there.

    This little town I live in in Northern Arizona has around 10k people, and I count at least four gun shops. I’ve seen private gunsafes that hold some pretty interesting hardware.
    We have a plain Jane but very decent gun range, 40 bucks a year membership, access anytime a member wants to use it.

    In Flagstaff, Ruff’s is a pretty good shop, with a fair selection of regular arms, holsters and ammo. There are others.

    “The hoplophobes who’ll just piddle in their panties and complain” don’t seem to be interested in messing with us here.



  10. 12/28/2014 22:29

    Excellent. Sounds like your place is pretty good there!

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