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Somewhere early this morning it happened


500,000 hits. HALF A MILLION HITS!!!!!!!!! Some people get multiple millions in the number of months I’ve been posting for years. That’s okay, I made this goal. It makes me feel like I’ve got people who read me, and it feels pretty damn good, actually.

I was putting together a post in my mind about politics, and inventing new words for leftist scum, but not tonight. Tonight I revel in my goal having come to pass. Next, 1M smooth!

  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    12/29/2014 21:43

    Awesome it is!

  2. 12/29/2014 23:15

    Thank you!

  3. beanburner permalink
    12/30/2014 10:39

    Read your article the other day about any readers being in your neighborhood. I’m actually just up the road from you in Clayton. I get to Clovis occasionally. Thanks for the tip.

  4. 12/30/2014 22:16

    Nothing in Clayton? I would have thought it would be pretty good up there. What, 150 miles north? How’s the hunting?

  5. 12/31/2014 14:31

    Congrats, CM.

    You are a unique voice on the internet. Here’s wishing twice the hits in half the time.

    And in case I don’t get a chance in a later article Happy New Year!

  6. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    12/31/2014 16:10

    Outstanding achievement, CM! I love your site!

    Have a double-Happy New Year!

  7. 12/31/2014 20:49

    Thank you VERY much, my friend. Returned wishes. We MUST be heard!

  8. 12/31/2014 20:51

    Thank you so much, McGoo. YOU are one of my inspirations!

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