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Here’s a nice bit of gear


American made AK47:

Top shelf machining, excellent cartridge. The passion for the AK is growing, and justifiably:

Why? OMG, have you seen the abuse they will take and keep on ticking? Ridiculous long range not so much, but within normal expectable conflict ranges they are quite sweet! And with improved sights, well:

Or you could do it a bit differently:

Again, you pays yer money and you makes yer choices. It is a good system for a large number of things. The cartridge will take anything you could think of a 30-30 would take. Deer, pig, …


  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/07/2015 21:36

    You’re giving me another reason to leave California. The leading contenders are Kentucky, Texas and Arizona. Any recommendations?

  2. 01/07/2015 21:40

    Probably Texas, of the three. Arizona isn’t too bad either. But Texas has no state income tax, where Arizona has “Constitutional Carry”. And Texas is, what, the seventh largest economy in the world? Nice place, good people.

  3. 01/10/2015 04:09

    I have the TWS rail on my Saiga, first gen that isn’t connected to the dust cover, and it is excellent.

  4. 01/10/2015 08:44

    My “STG2000” has a second gen, and it is incredible. My Saiga has an HK sight version from Blackthorne, and my Mini-Draco has an old Chinese Hunter cover I found somewhere by the stumble upon method. Pretty solid.

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