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Now, why is the .gov shitting their shorts over low gas prices?


They want to add .20 per gallon taxes! Follow my thought, and if you have the true numbers instead of just rough guesstimate, feel free to comment. I’m pretty sure many of you do, please let’s get these numbers on.

Right. Fuel is taxed by the gallon, not the dollar amount of the sale. Let us use the amount of $2.oo per gallon. Let us approximate the existing fuel tax at, oh, .30. This leaves $1.70 per gallon to the producer. Who has to pay the people who sold it to you. The property it was sold from. The taxes (city, county, ad infinitum) on the property. The utilities. The transport of the product from the refinery (vehicles, drivers, taxes [road, vehicle license, etc, etc], fueling said vehicles, etc, etc). The refining of the basic petroleum into the varied by-products. The transportation of the raw petroleum to the refinery, see above. The drilling. The crews who did the drilling. The finding of the product in the first damned place, and the establishment of the rigs to drill once the product is found. On and on and on. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the actual oil company mkes a final profit of .08. And then the government taxes that profit.

Now that prices have gone down, consumption has gone up, which means the .gov is pulling in that much more money already!

But said .gov wants more, and they think they can take advantage of the fact we were paying so much more before so we won’t notice the higher taxes included in the price.

Does anybody but me see the wrong in this?

  1. 01/14/2015 09:03

    So very much wrong on so many levels.
    Fundamentally keeping energy costs down is the most critical aspect to the function of a society. The lower the cost, the greater we all benefit and inversely, the higher the cost of energy the less efficient any activity costs with no benefit being realized. Lower the cost of energy and all of a sudden, new mines become profitable, farmers can run pumps and till the soil for less $$ and it costs less to run the beer cooler at the local mini-mart. The result is more stuff, cheaper for everyone. (yeah that’s a simplification, but true)

    So why would any Republican party member want to increase taxes on energy? Well I will answer that, that is because these progressive Republicans do not recognize, or have compromised the moral value of capitalism. Capitalism is a moral construct, it is an ideal, and the ideal must be destroyed by the progressives. Why? Because it proves them all wrong. With true capitalism, not this phony semi socialistic cronyism we have now, there is no such thing as a poor oppressed working class that is so needed in our favorite socialistic societies. Class privilege is non existent as are monopolies with true capitalism. Economic mobility, freedom of expression abound. Capitalism thrives in a limited government setting, while socialism can only exist with the heavy fist of the state, and well, the state is not going to willingly cede power.

    Increasing the cost of energy is like adding abrasive to the oil of an engine, the engine has to work harder due to the added friction; the same is true for an economy, and if I were asked on the best and quickest way to damage the Ideal of capitalism, I would increase the cost of energy at every level and blame capitalism for its own failure at every turn. Sound familiar ?) So why are these guys in office? WTF? Time to get some real challengers lined up for the next primary….. I an so tired of the unprincipled claiming they are leading us…..

    “Only fundamental principles, rationally validated, clearly understood and voluntarily accepted, can create a desirable kind of unity among men.”—A. Rand

  2. 01/14/2015 09:20

    Perfect, BruHa. Nailed it.

  3. 01/14/2015 16:28

    So why would any Republican party member want to increase taxes on energy?

    We were wondering that here in PA where the republican(former) governor raised gas taxes to 58 cents a gallon with the help of a fully republican legislature.

    He is the ex Governor because he got demagogued by a by a dishonest limousine liberal(yeah I know see the Department of Redundancy Department) who bashed the former Governor for raising these taxes but of course the socialist whore who won has no intention of repealing them. Instead he is going to further raise taxes on fracking. Now who do you suppose is going to pay those taxes remembering that corporations do not pay taxes?

    The federal gas tax hasn’t changed in at least twenty years( it is 18.4 cents for regular, 24.4 for diesel but that is no excuse to raise the federal gas tax. Using the chart at the link currently and AAA’s current rate on January 14, 2015 of $2.10 taxes make up about 19.89% of the price of a gallon gas. By far the biggest benefactors from the sale of a gallon of gas are state and federal governments.

    Roads are a state matter. These funds have been habitually used to finance mass transit programs like Jerry Brown’s white elephant bullet train to no wherei.e. from Fresno to ???. Dr Jeff a little help.

    They had a chance in Tennessee to defenestrate that lifer government hack Alexander but, as usual, the stupid voters could not be bothered to become informed about how the RINO establishment is financially and legalistically raping them just like their Socialist co-conspirators. His name was familiar so they voted for him. Inertia is the biggest problem we face. To many people are enjoying the rape.

    BruHa has it right we are caught between two wings of a totalitarian statist party whose only difference is which crony pigs get fed at our expense.

  4. 01/14/2015 17:03

    Good for thought, isn’t this?

  5. 01/15/2015 09:03

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. 01/15/2015 09:40

    Most welcome!

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