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Rush, we’re going to disagree slightly here


Skilled? Ovomit can read the hell out  that teleprompter, but somebody else is writing the script.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/16/2015 23:47

    Start by looking at him as part of an Islamic sleeper cell. Consider how much he’s managed to advance the Jihadi cause in many places around the world. I’m not looking at his speeches, signed documents or anything else documented, I’m looking at the net result of his actions across the Mid East, Africa and Europe.

    He’s an idiot without a teleprompter because he really doesn’t care about most issues as long as his action will damage the U.S. and/or Western Civilization in general. He’s never looked beyond what was necessary to accomplish that end. Frankly, it’s not that hard to break things and create havoc. Building is always more difficult than destruction.

    His skill as a con man shows in his getting elected twice to the Presidency and wielding enough diplomacy and power to KEEP his power even as people realize what a piece of crap he is.

    Amazingly, it took most people about 6 years to figure out what a problem we had in the Oval Office. Since something like 48% of the population never liked him and that he still has something like 35% to 45% of the people liking him, you’ve got to realize that it has taken 6 years of diplomatic and legal disasters to get between 7% and 17% of the People, who hadn’t understood it before, to figure out there’s a problem.

    Sorry for the long, convoluted sentence. Short Version: Most people are so stupid that it’s taken 6 years for them to figure out he’s creating disasters. Think of it, 6 years for about 10% of the population to learn the obvious.

    That took a lot of shit shoveling. It also tells me that a lot of people don’t have much of a learning curve.

  2. 01/17/2015 06:05

    Exactly right CM and Dr. Jeff

    Barack Obama has all the skills of the 12 o’clock weather man and is basically the face man in the socialist con game. He was chosen to be a racial cats paw so his dishonest puppet masters could cue the cries of racism every time we recognized the destructiveness of his every act. If he were merely incompetent one of his decisions might have been a benefit to America just by chance. His every decision has been against us as he and his handlers have but two goals: dismantle and punish this country for succeeding despite their every effort to destroy us and to rebuild us into the Communist utopia of Next Tuesday.

    He has always ruled here as a viceroy of conquering African princeling than an elected servant. He is by no means a dummy but he is not the brains behind this enterprise. However it is more than just him (he is a symptom) as we have been overcome by a culture that has been debased enough so that some one as obviously lawless and corrupt as he and his supporters can continue with no real opposition to their malign rule.

    His party forms a political phalanx as they now transition to the new standard bearer-first- of their- kind -presidental contender to continue the destruction under a cloud of if you don’t support the malicious c**t you are sexist. And as to that which Dr Jeff alludes there are too many people in this country too stupid to understand that the NDSWP is going to run the same game.

    We are under going an executive coup, a presidentially backed foreign invasion and an elite attempt to recreate an a racial apartheit state with the colors reversed with both parties complicit one way or another as long as they get to slurp at trough. The so called opposition party threw away all the leverage they had to stop this assault by passing Cromnibus. Does anyone think Boner and McCockless are looking to do anything but surrender on the DHS fight in March? The gutless GOP had chance to defenestrate these traitors and kept them. So tell me again why vote R when we get quislings like this.

  3. 01/17/2015 06:05

    Not even so much the con game, although there was that, but the fraud. The computer hacking, the ballot box stuffing, on and on. This insanity was brought to us by someone else.

  4. 01/17/2015 06:08

    Because not all of them are? And what with that learning curve, many can’t make a choice between 3 options?

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