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Islam and the destruction of our culture: Obama and collective insanity


This is a bit long, but it covers a huge amount of points. Outstanding read, for sure.


If “the collective we” were sane, we would exclude those who want to kill us and destroy our culture of freedom.

Basis of His foreign policies? The basis of His foreign and some domestic policies

Geert Wilders explained the problem, quite well, to the Dutch parliament.

Where is our Geert Wilders? Why are those who want to eliminate, or even limit,  immigration by those who reject our cultural values deemed racist and/or “Islamophobic”? “Islamophobia” is the irrational fear of Islam, but the term is used to encompass all whose fear or dislike of Islam is rational. Are “the collective we” insane?

Lucy psych

Obama does seem to be insane, but not because of any irrational fear of Islam. Perhaps He suffers from “freedomphobia” or “realityphobia.” He claims that Islamic terror is not Islamic, while recognizing that Islamic terrorists are Islamic. An article at American Thinker suggested that He is psychotic. It points out a few of the ways in which Obama has treated violent…

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  1. 01/19/2015 10:13

    Thanks for the re-blog. Dan

  2. 01/19/2015 10:14

    Superb writing. Thanks for having written it!

  3. 01/19/2015 16:30

    Dan is a very good source on all things foreign policy. I wish I had time to go over there a little more often.

    At this point for the audience here we are just recapitulating things we already know. Islam, with all due respect to Dr Zhudi Jasser, is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political ideology with the goal of world domination. It is not about peace. It is not about tolerance. It is about domination and subjugation. Any who veer off the that path are heretics and apostates in the same way the protestants were to the catholics and the catholics were to the jews. He needs to get over it. What he proposes is a religious concept that is fundamentally opposite to what Muhammed wrote down. It was his rationale for being a murderous asshole and is used as justification for the current crop of murderous assholes. The koran is a justification of revenge.

    Now to pick some nits.

    As for the piece of shit that is called disgustingly stilled called the President he is not insane unless Dan means he is criminally so. He will use whatever lie he thinks justifies his criminality. The same for all the other mealy mouthed asswipes who keep trotting out the same arrant nonsense that these acts of evil are not Islamic or that a majority do not support them by either sitting quietly by, looking to benefit by such actions, or by openly making apologies for these depredations using bullshit communist talking point based on the materialist dialectic. They don’t hate us because of what have that is a western point o view they hate us because we do not consider their murderous moon god the alpha and the omega.

    We are in deep shit here because half of our elected leaders are butt ignorant cowards who have bought the lie of “Islam as religion” and the other half, and their media and “academic” enablers that are just on whatever side is looking to kill America and American this particular day.

    It’s going to be up to us. The question is when.

  4. 01/19/2015 22:31

    Sociopathy is recognized as a mental illness.

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