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So I’m watching this Crimson Trace commercial


And they come up with this line “the lasers edge”. Which of course clicked this song in my mind. Not the first time, but I had to put it up tonight:

And, of course, it had to be this version.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    02/22/2015 00:04

    Gawd This is incredible!!
    I am soooo proud of our Military. I am proud of what they stand for and always will to us.
    They see horrors that we don’t have to see or deal with within our heart and souls.
    The music is perfect.

    As far as I am concerned, we are losing far too many lives either by death; or some of them come back to the States without limbs; and PTSD.

    Personally? I would choose thi weapon vs. our Military:

  2. 02/22/2015 02:18

    Oooooh HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Mecca comes to mind first of all. If those bastards want to bow to Mecca, they can look like Charismatic Pentecostals!

  3. upaces88 permalink
    02/22/2015 02:42

    I don’t understand why they haven’t thought about it. It is quick and over!!!!

  4. 02/22/2015 08:38

    Because of the moslem in the WH?

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