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At what point do We The People snap?


This is an example of psychotic government over reach. This shit has got to stop. At what point will America have finally had enough?

  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    02/25/2015 14:23

    That’s a real good question CMB. I won’t even bother to list all the good reasons (which we ALL know) to stand this POS (and ALL his cronies on both sides of the isle) down but something has to give!

  2. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    02/25/2015 14:28

    Check this crap out. And Hussein O plans on giving them nukes!

  3. 02/25/2015 16:15

    Stand them down, or stand them up against the wall?

  4. 02/25/2015 16:16

    Ovomit is one of them. Of course it wants them to have nukes.

  5. 02/25/2015 16:18

    Anything to go after the American Citizen and our freedom (what’s left of it).

  6. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    02/26/2015 11:29

    Well, the shoe has finally dropped. According to a Drudge link, O’Bugger is going to go ahead and ban sales of .223 ammo – and the AR15 too, apparently.

    This. Must. Not. Stand.

  7. 02/26/2015 13:32

    There is like to be something come of this.

  8. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    02/26/2015 14:11

    cmbake6 – O’Bugger is pulling out all the stops! And the Libtard media is going full-bore on BS & distractions. I think the Nov election resulted in a speedup of their agenda.

    It’s gonna get ugly – real soon.

  9. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    02/26/2015 14:13

    Since we agree that the .223 ban will have repercussions – it occurs to me that this, too, may be what they want. An excuse … can you say martial law?

  10. 02/26/2015 14:29

    Yeah, I tend to agree.

  11. 02/26/2015 14:31

    Scarily enough, that’s quite probably the plan.

  12. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    02/26/2015 15:20

    Or, as the old King said to himself, “I know I’m paranoid….but am I paranoid enough?”

  13. 02/26/2015 15:33

    The MGMMPOS cannot possibly be paranoid enough. 😈

  14. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    02/26/2015 15:50

    Actually I was referring to my own worried state of mind – not that I’m a king or anything. LOL
    This O’Bugger and the limp-dicked R’s crap is getting really really out of hand.

  15. 03/02/2015 23:14

    Roger that! I’m so excited that we may be about to get ugly. I would like to know peace and quiet, but hey, WTF.

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