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Hunting philosophy


MAC makes some pretty good points. Not only on hunting but the 2A:

Here was his reasoning for this video:

I recently posted some pics on social media of me out hunting and cause a few folks to question if hunting was ethical. I wanted to share my thoughts on hunting in general and talk about the future of hunting videos here on MAC.

And my comment there:

Food, herd control, pest elimination, all these are good things. And said herd control should equate to food for food banks. Here in New Mexico, wild hogs are considered pests or vermin, no licence no limit. Those need to go to the food banks as well. Shoot, I even saw somebody putting up recipes for coyote somewhere.

These are my thoughts, YMMV. Now, I’m not real sure what hunting oppressive government agents would fall under. I hope I don’t have to find out.

update: So I did a search and:

I just went to the search box and typed in “cooking coyote”.


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