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This guy, Pat Condell,


Absolutely puts that shit right on the table for you:

As does Molotov Mitchell:

  1. 0jr permalink
    02/25/2015 11:25

    should be called zionist propaganda tv seeing that they have a carton of the psycho sarah siverman on it who repeatedly said she would kill Jesus again

  2. 02/25/2015 12:02

    I don’t know that I necessarily should have approved your comment, but let me warn you of this. Continue the “zionist” or any other anti-semitic commentary, and you become spam. Welcome to this world of mine, but use a bit of care in what you say. I hope to continue putting up things of interest to all, but NAZIs get deleted.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/26/2015 02:28

    Just a personal observation, when we have a Bush or a Reagan in the Oval Office, anti Semitic flack in general is usually pretty minimal. When we have a Carter, Clinton or especially with Obama, the bullshit never seems to stop.

    You hear the news from UCLA? Those aren’t Conservatives hiding some of the most virulent anti Semitism I’ve seen in years behind a smug mask of anti Israel propaganda, those are die hard Liberals. I wonder what they’ll have to say when ISIS opens a branch office in Westwood Village? (If you don’t know Los Angeles, that’s where UCLA is.) We all know just how tolerant the Muzzies are about dissenting opinions.

  4. 02/26/2015 09:14

    One is baffled by the “liberal” mindset. Why are those asses so virulent in their racist attitudes?

  5. 02/26/2015 18:11

    Well to be be fair CM the muslims are quite even handed… in their bigotry and hatred for anyone who doesn’t revere their kiddy diddling war mongering founder.

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