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All the flap about M855/SS109 being banned?


Well, it seems to be over for now. Let’s see if I have to link it, or if there is a way to edit the link so it will come straight up. Didn’t used to have to do this, as you may recall. When you clicked the share button at YouTube it just came up http instead of https. Let’s see:

However this ends up, keep your eyes and ears open for the next attack.

  1. 03/12/2015 10:25

    # 1 Glad to see you’re blogging. I hope it is because you got your puter back up and running.

    RE: The “win”. Yes it is a victory but it certainly isnt definitive. They will try again and again and again. They desperately need us disarmed. Armed citizenry is the only deterrent left keeping the totalitarian masks on some of these leftist pols. See they know that inevitably there will be a fight, so they want to shape the battlefield so that they may “win.”

    Teach your children well people. Teach them about the concept of individual freedom and a governments rightful scope and role in a free society. Teach them self reliance, respect, defense, honor & integrity. Teach them to refuse to be a slave to ANY influence.


  2. 03/12/2015 12:29

    My children know these things, and choose their friends carefully. And yes, it took over a week to get this puter back. Soon as I got it home and wired back up I did that post below.

  3. 03/12/2015 12:50

    Im sure they do. That was more for any readers that may not fully appreciate the gravitas of the situation. My boy is sixteen this year so Im busy indoctrinating him and his friends so they dont fall prey to the sheep syndrome. Glad your up and running puter wise.

  4. 03/12/2015 13:02

    So am I brother, so am I. To both points.

  5. 03/12/2015 18:38

    No coup attempt is complete without the attempted disarming of those in opposition of the coup.

    Glad to see you back up and running.

  6. 03/12/2015 21:29

    Exactly so, my brother. On both parts.

  7. 03/14/2015 06:20

    Hey CM

    As you know a couple of weeks ago 75 RINO traitors in the house voted to fund DHS and allow Obama’s illegal amnesty to stand. Being ass deep in preparing year end financial statements I have fallen behind on some of my reading and have not been able to comment in depth on anything of import. Since this is an article about FEDGOV overreach this is as good a place as any to post about it. As you may remember my first post(2009?) on your site was a long screed about immigration ( I wish I could search it out) which you so generously cross posted from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. You gave me a scrap and I followed you home. Anyway, I beg your indulgence here as I have a lot of venom to spew. As always feel free to delete.

    This vote was the last straw for the GOP. They,including my representative, voted to pass a “clean” bill to fund the execrable DHS (another gift from the big government statist Jorge Arbusto). This is an abject betrayal of honest taxpaying Americans by a ruling class that needs to import more customers for their cynical “business” of theft and demonization. The time is passed for civil discourse with these cynical manipulators.

    Here is my spit in the face of my duplicitous congressman.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick,
    I would have written you sooner but I have something increasingly rare in America since Obama a full time job. But then you kind of count on this to hide your duplicity.

    Your recent vote to give up the only leverage you had to derail an out of control and lawless chief executive, HR 240, is an abject betrayal of the citizens of this country with respect to Obama’s continuing malfeaseance and dishonesty on the southern border.
    What you have demonstrated is a tacit approval of his illegal actions. One does not fund the criminal and you have. This makes you a co-conspirator in the cultural and economic assault on those you claim to represent and who actually have a right to expect representation- legal tax paying Americans. I have had enough of this kowtowing to government interests (more clients), big business (more cheap labor) and racialist groups like the openly racist La Raza ( more victims and facts on the ground). You are OUR representative not of these loud mouth special interests.

    You were re-elected to stop Obama and his third world regime. You have since buckled on every issue from cromnibus to the latest DHS fiasco to some of your standard bearers (in the senate) to rushing to save Obamacare if SCOTUS rules the illegally promulgated subsidies void. Instead of getting out in front of the debate you let the dishonest “democrats” frame the debate as “a shutdown” and playing politics with security. This was a false premise but you guys sat there with one thumb up your butt and the other in your mouth and occasionally switching them. At no point did you get up and call this what it was a shutdown to preserve Obama’s lawless act on immigration.

    But you’re an invasionista so I guess the result was to your liking eh, congressman. Your vote showed your cowardice and dishonesty. Or perhaps you agree with the smarmy and unctuous Jeb Bush that allowing this invasion and suspension of the immigration laws is somehow and act of “love”. To those of us paying the freight and subsidizing these invaders it is an act of both an act of attempted dishonest guilt tripping, complete with the demagogic chants of “racism” and nativist”, and armed robbery by the ruling class ( of which you appear to be a junior member).

    I voted for you ( I never trusted you because of your record as democrat light) to stop the criminal regime that day by day has subverted the rule of law though obfuscation, misdirection and outright lying. So tell me Mr. Fitzpatrick how much different would it be if I voted for an actual member of the leftist crime syndicate formerly known as the “Democrat Party”. You caved and gave a leftist hack everything he wanted. You gave him essentially carte blanche to implement his facilitation of the invasion on the southern border.
    I know the game. You kick the can down the road and let it fester and fester until it becomes so big that you then say that it would be too disruptive to actually…you know…enforce the law. You know just like your party is planning to lay down on Obamacare.

    De-funding this lawlessness by attaching it to a must pass budget bill was your only tool considering you will not impeach this criminal regime for fear of being called “raaaaccciiissst”. This amounts to moral cowardice and a dangerous precedent of double standards for those favored by the politically correct cognoscenti.

    Obama is openly contemptuous of this country and your fecklessness just emboldens him. The time is long passed to bring him up short on his constitutional leash. Impeachment is designed to impugn those who proved untrue to their premise for being elected. Obama has done such. He is lawless and anti-American in his agenda. If your only rational is that mushy moderates and “independents” will be turned off by such an exercise of proper constitutional authority then the country is already lost. Of course you could always get up and make the case but that would be “uncivil”, too, I guess. You wouldn’t want the media to hate you? Oh wait they already do because you don’t promote the collectivist state fast enough.
    And that my friend is basically the only difference between Obama’s New Fascist party on the left and you and establishment republicans…how fast we are subjugated.

    F. X. Phillips

    Thank you, as always, for you forum and indulgence.

  8. 03/14/2015 06:53

    Fantastic, my brother. And front page material.

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