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Obama Lying About ISIS Terrorist’s Casualties, No High Ranking ISIS Killed in 6 Months (YES HE’S LYING. HE IS NOT GOING TO KILL HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS)*


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In fact, according to Bloomberg, there hasn’t been a high profile ISIS member killed by US-led efforts in over six months.

These officials and other experts tracking the terror group tell us that the Islamic State’s Shura and Sharia councils, the advisory bodies that help inform the major decisions of the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, remain intact, notwithstanding one close call in November for Baghdadi. Although airstrikes and military campaigns have killed several regional administrators and designated “governors,” the Islamic State has quickly replaced them and maintains its command-and-control capabilities.

This assessment of progress against the Islamic State differs sharply from public statements by top Obama administration officials as recently as last month, including Secretary of State John Kerry and retired General John Allen, the president’s special coordinator for the coalition against the Islamic State. In February, Allen said that half the group’s leaders in Iraq had been…

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