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And you also know how Ovomit and Holdup are using this Ferguson crap to stir the coals


Two cops get shot during a protest from 100 yds away, both survive, both hits those “OMG had they been 2 inches this way they would have missed, 2 inches that way they’d have been dead”?

That was professional shooting. Yeah, they caught the guy who was having a conflict, blah blah woof woof. Right.

This was done by someone as good or better than me. “You want dead, or OMG they could have been dead if…”. Too coincidental in too hot an area. Perfect to stir the shit.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/17/2015 19:33

    Better than most shooters, yet the shooter claims he was shooting at someone else. I’m looking forward to learning a lot about this guy.

    Never forget the message to the Ferguson protestors from Obama and company: “Stay the course.” Obama just loves playing the race card, he loves stirring up hatred and violence. He loves anything that damages the U.S. Now, he’s responsible for the shooting of two law officers. His people are staying the course, that’s certain. More hatred and more violence, all in the name of racial harmony. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I’ve been told to my face that the only reason I could possibly disagree with anything Obama does is because I’m scared of a strong Black man. I’m still trying to get my head around that one. This particular individual knows me much better than that, yet still said it. What can make otherwise intelligent people hold such bizarre beliefs?

  2. 03/17/2015 21:55

    Wasn’t him. He may have been the “fall guy”, but he wasn’t the one who actually shot the cops. Him they set up to do some shooting, there was another a little bit farther out.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/17/2015 21:57

    I wish I could say you’re wrong. You’re well within the realm of possibility.

  4. 03/17/2015 22:03

    Trust me, I know how this works.

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