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You do know they were there, right?


The Emperor of the Rottweiler Empire, and a fair number of those fellow members? So you can take what they say to heart, knowing they’ve experienced it and can see it. For that matter, who of the rest of us don’t?

And now that we’ve confused everybody, what’s this infighting all about? Glad you asked. It started with this post of Sarah’s in which she took a well-deserved dump on Weepy Boner and the Quisling Party for their sellout on Princess Precious Obama’s Executive Amnesty. And then went on to state that maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. Big mistake.

Now, for the record, we believe very much that she was a bit on the optimistic side (you know about our predilection for British Understatements, don’t you? If not, or if you’re new, that was one) regarding what this all meant, but boy did it trigger a shitstorm from His Imperial Majesty’s camp. All of it accompanied by really good analysis as to exactly why it was, to apply British Understatement Technology again, quite a bit polly-annaish to find any sort of bright light at the end of the tunnel in that unqualified, unconditional Quisling Party surrender.

Because there isn’t one. It would take too long to link to every response, but thankfully our friends at Dethguild have done the work for us here.

And here’s Sarah’s response to the response, to keep it all in order.

Now, if you’ve read all of that… You deserve a merit badge. But you really should, because it’s all good, from both sides.

Where Sarah is wrong is mainly in interpretation of what the “fight” over DHS funding and Executive Amnesty meant. Mainly that it was a fight at all. It wasn’t. It was a perfect example of the whorish profession that is unprincipled, traitor politics: You strike a deal, and then you arrange for just enough votes to make it pass and let the rest vote against to protect their reelection chances.

It didn’t tell us that “2/3 of the Republican Party held firm”, as Sarah says, it meant that Weepy Boner and his Prozi Pimps only needed one third of the Republicans to sell out to the enemy.

But, more importantly, what it does mean is that we currently have a Republican “leader” of the House who is so much in bed with the enemy that he’s willing to openly, unashamedly, unapologetically collaborate with the enemy to get the enemy’s wishes through against the will of the majority of his own damn fucking party!

Small piece of the well reflected sound and fury of any American who valued what this country was. We’re still not totally gone, but we’re going fast. And within the article and comments are the blatantly obvious responses. There basically is no peaceful way to turn this around. Ah, let me take one more clip to explain how we got here.

The Prozis had two generations against an enemy that was tolerant and reluctant to grind the heel of a boot into the face of opposition because we, their enemy, believe in liberty.

They have no such limitations, and you know that more than most, having lived under socialism.

They’re not going to quietly sit back while we spend the next 10, 20 or 30 years taking back the schools, media and entertainment industry the way we did, and curse us for doing so. You know that. Again, more than most, because you’ve seen it before. I have too, but you’ve seen it more. And my readers Natasha and Nicki could school us both on that subject.

They will have Enabling Acts, re-education camps, political imprisonment and all the rest up and running in no time at all and, being leftists, they have no conscience, human thoughts or decency at all. I know that, because I’m a carefully trained leftist myself. And then you can take your long view and… well, you know.

If we’re to entertain even a remote hope of fighting back here, we’ve got to make the enemy know that we mean business. Then we’ve got to make them fear us, even more than they do already. Not necessarily by violence, we hope and pray that it will never come to that, but by letting them know that it’s on the table.

This is some truly scary shit. So, what do we do? Do we go out with bread and circuses, applauding the main actor of the play as he walks of the stage, or does it HAVE to get ugly? The more of us there are, the less ugly it will be. How? Fear. But there has to be enough of a show of force that we don’t have to use it.

Alternatively, there is that OATH thing, right? That gets mentioned over there a time or few, and that is precisely what needs to happen. Question there being, will it take the beginning of the civilian action to make the military do their duty to God and country? Will the military initially come to the defense of the government, then wake up to their OATH, or will they realize their duties before the shitstorm starts thus preventing the need?

You’ve got to read the whole thing, and the comments. There are voices of pragmatism there. The Rotts aren’t screaming bloody murder, let’s get it on, etc etc. The general concensus is that this is real, and this must be dealt with, these are the indicators, and these are the options.

You do have to wonder, WTF?

  1. 03/17/2015 05:53

    As I said on Saturday the ruling class has closed ranks and is seeking to impose its collective will on the country.

    The party that campaigned on the premise of stopping this imposition summarily sold out beginning the day after the election but we are supposed to blithely accept this and elect more quisling assholes just because they have an (R) after their name. Why? Because they promise to give us a reach around?

    No. We have been more viciously attacked by those who claim to be our “allies” than even the virulently dishonest left. Look at what happened in Mississippi last year as the Establicans engaged in racist demagoguery to save that doddering old hack Thad Cochran. Look at how they have bailed on candidates that were not to their liking and tell me why we have to be civil and decorous while they are slanderous and underhanded. We must support them unconditionally but when they don’t get what they want they stomp off and work like the Vichy against the allies in WWII to stop the upstarts.

    The Establicans and their shills are every bit as much our enemies as the NDSWP is. Look at how they portray us when we call them on the carpet for THEIR betrayal of not only us but the rule of law as they give bipartisan imprimatur to the the destruction of said rule of law. But we are supposed to turn the other cheek and not rhetorically eviscerate or withhold our support because team D is soooo much worse. Somebody tell me how. Obama the thug got what he wanted in that kabuki house vote. The ruling class wants this and by God they will have it regardless of its effect on you and me. Just as long as those checks keep rolling in and they can use the force of government to confiscate our wealth to feather their own nests.

    This doubly goes for the apologists, cheerleaders and be patient types. The Establicans have shown that think they can do whatever they want and that they have a captive audience. The only way to get their collective attention is to berate the apologists and withhold support from the hacks who have collaborated in our destruction.

    As I recall in the old Soviet Union they constantly had almost unanimous results for their candidates. The reason we knew this to be farcical was that people would refuse to vote to the point that they had to require, by edict, that all people vote. This our only recourse. By all means if there are alternatives vote the alternative. Do not vote team R because it is less evil. Withhold consent. Vote Fudd. Whatever you have to do. Withholding of consent was the basis for the Refusnik movement in Russia it is time we stopped being participants in our own destruction.

    The current government has forfeited its legitimacy by committing a coup d’main against the constitution as exampled by the recent open letter to Iran by Tom Cotton. When we have come to point where reminding people of what the rule of law is is considered “treason” and supporting the man breaking the law and working like a demon to allow an avowed enemy to acquire nuclear weapons is “patriotic” then the country has in fact been overthrown and “fundamentally transformed” with the full acquiescence and in some cases complicity of the nominal opposition.

  2. 03/17/2015 08:22

    Damn, you’re ON FIRE!!!!

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/17/2015 19:45

    Hold on. I’m as gloomy about the future as anyone, but I still have some hope.

    Boehner did redeem himself a little with his invitation to Netanyahu. I know it doesn’t outweigh the rest, I just want to keep the credits and debits straight.

    Without Boehner (something I’m looking forward to), we also have 47 Republicans who had enough balls to sign the open letter to Iran, telling Iran that Obama does not have the last word and never will.

    It’s not over, not even close. We can’t stop Obama for roughly the next 670+ days, but he’s sure going to get slowed down.

    Then it’s our turn.

  4. 03/17/2015 21:56

    Indeed, no Boner would be best in this instance. I support the letter, as you may well imagine.

  5. 03/20/2015 04:17

    From above

    As I recall in the old Soviet Union they constantly had almost unanimous results for their candidates. The reason we knew this to be farcical was that people would refuse to vote to the point that they had to require, by edict, that all people vote.

    via RINO mouthpiece Peggy Noonan in todays WSJ

    The president has jumped into the strangeness fray by musing aloud that mandatory voting in the United States would be a good idea. “It would be transformative if everybody voted,” he told an audience in Cleveland. Yes, it would. It would mean a lot of people who aren’t interested in public policy and choose not to follow it would suddenly be deciding it.

    Don’t think that el Presidente’s party isn’t thinking about it as they ply the ignorant with the plunder FEDGOV extorts from those of us who pay the taxes. Also don’t make the mistake that the RINO’s will put up any effective opposition as they didn’t with Obamacare, Amnesty and all the rest of the NDSWP depredations they will declare them not important enough to stop here and now but next time next time they will fight tooth and nail until the day they can declare that its too late to fight because it would be way too disruptive of the people who’s vote they have bought(NDSWP) or hope to buy(RINO).

    This regime has long ago jumped the shark from farce to fiasco and the opposition from fools to cowardly co-conspirators.

  6. 03/20/2015 08:14

    Well, we know the dedication of Ovomit to the writings of Marx, et al.

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