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For all the mindless insults toward the Polish


They make a damn fine machinery. And if you want to do some historical research on how well they’ve actually done throughout history, you’ll find that those jokes are really Goebbelesque propaganda to try to discredit them. Anyway:

Oh, but the one I want most would be:

Mind you, I still prefer 7.62×39 for an overall round. 5.56 will do many things, but I feel a larger heavier bullet is a better proposition for most things I would use it for. Wild pigs, for example, are some tough mofos that need serious killing. TB3. The Bigger The Bullet The Better.

  1. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    03/18/2015 07:17

    Hey! They cracked the Nazi Enigma encryption technique before the Nazis invaded, then smuggled their work out to the Brits, and then stayed silent under torture when questioned by the invaders. Not. Too. Bad.

  2. 03/18/2015 07:20

    The Poles really are a great people.

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