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Ya’ll are REALLY going to want to read this


And once you’ve read it, you’re going to want to click the link within it to read the original. Or just click that second link to go straight there. Mind you, the first one is a bit more to the bone and the second one takes a bit longer to get to the sweet bits.

It would appear even the LSM is awakening to the truth, and getting sick of the bullshit. 😈


  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    03/22/2015 15:10

    Josh Earnest – “When it comes to our record on transparency, we have a lot to be proud of,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One. “And frankly, it sets a standard that future administrations will have to live up to.”

    That is just mind f***ingly amazing!

  2. 03/22/2015 15:15

    The transparency lies in the total opacity. Thus, you CAN see right through it.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/22/2015 17:09

    It’s all too little, too late. Obama is over half way through his second term and government agencies are packed with his trolls from top to bottom. We knew what he was 8 years ago when he first hit the national political scene.

    Eight years later, we’ve been tarred, feathered and called every possible kind of racist and hater imaginable, just for speaking out about the danger Obama represented to the country. A danger that the MSM is almost finally noticing.

    My personal message to the MSM:

    Thanks a lot assholes. You had the info, you chose to suppress it. You chose to support an obvious divisive hater when you could have helped your country. I’ve done complete anti Obama editorials based strictly on information from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Washington Post. I usually had to look among the “minor” stories that got buried, but the information was there.

    It’s nice to finally see the news actually reported, but it really is too little, too late. The damage is done and the clean up will be massive, even if Obama does nothing for the remainder of his time in office.


    p.s. Chris – pls ck your email.

  4. 03/22/2015 17:56

    Roger that. This is going to be a mess.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/23/2015 07:18

    The firing squad protocol?

  6. poetopoet permalink
    03/23/2015 13:34

    It gives new meaning to “All hands on the dick. ” my spelling sucks like them.

  7. 03/23/2015 17:15

    The LSM isn’t awakening to anything.

    They are trying to rebuild their loss of credibility by taking a couple of swings at minor issues.
    They violated FOIA. Big hairy deal

    Where are they on the continuing use of the IRS a as political bludgeon? Where are they on Obama selling out his country and allowing a sworn enemy to go nuclear? Where are they on him using tax payer money to interfere in the election of an allied country for his own political expedience? Where are they on the race baiting thuggery that smeared a cop and helped destroy the economic viability of a Midwestern town? Where are they on the cotinuin financial rape and fraud the is Obamacare? Where are they on the racist thug Holder and his supplying arms to Mexican drug cartels and lying to congress? Where are they on illegal amnesty that totally eviscerates the rule of law?

    I’m sure I’ve missed many of the overt and covert criminal acts, lies and acts of treason by this third world junta but in any case the LSM has missed even all of these as they become hysterical over 47 senators reminding this petulant thug of his fucking duty under the constitution. They are trying to rehabilitate their image so when they start slurping Hilary’s! fetid c**t they can say “See,we reported bad things about Obama”. But of course as with the Monica Lewinsky deal that’s just a side show to distract from the real criminality of this mafiosi.

  8. poetopoet permalink
    03/23/2015 17:59

    My post today on Fox Nation,

    “By attack, the Mainstream Media “the Un-Truthers” is a group of American political newspapers and mass media corporations associated with the New Democratic Party of the United States closely affiliated with the belief system of Russia’s Pravda as its Mouthpiece. That has emerged as the leading newspapers and news outlets of the New Democratic Party by Progressive Zealots, such as Hillary Clinton and many more.

    So named and hailed as Progressive, that they award themselves Negro Baby Killers in the name of Margaret Sanger; who justified them (Blacks) as inferior with impunity by claiming that it is Abortive Rights for Women and is equal to the necessity of Black Deaths someway, somehow. Let the record state that the vast majority are Black Abortive Babies, and not any other race, by this secret and recluse organization run by mostly White Female Elitists and Black Inferior Minions that they survive on such a belief system.

  9. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/23/2015 18:43

    FX, I don’t think you’ve missed much of anything. Obama’s only apparent goal for the remainder of his term looks to be leaving as much division and damage behind as he can. Everyday, I ask myself: “How can so many people be so blind as to not see the obvious?”

    I’m just hoping to see the end of the Obama admin before I get a knock on my door for some sort of seditious activity. Well, that would be seditious to Obama and his gang anyway. The rest of us call it normal life and freedom of speech.

  10. 03/23/2015 22:35

    Big grin. I’ll volunteer, and I’ll even bring my own rifle.

  11. 03/23/2015 22:38

    No, I won’t say what came to mind about them just then…

  12. 03/23/2015 22:39

    *SIGH* True.

  13. 03/23/2015 22:41

    Good one, poe.

  14. 03/23/2015 22:41

    First Amendment and all that, what?

  15. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/24/2015 19:06

    LOL – No Chris, I’m not organizing a firing squad this week. I think you missed an email I sent you about firing squads in the U.S. Military.

    I sometimes work doing research for a fiction writer in England. Usually, it’s about 19th and early 20th Century arms. I’m pretty good in that area, I even gave him an outrageous sniper rifle design based purely on 1905 technology. This time the question is about firing squads, their protocols and just how effective those protocols are. The gist of the question is in the email.

    I’ll send it again, ok? It’s a forward, so check your spam bucket.

  16. 03/25/2015 00:16

    Will do.

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