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You want to know something that baffles the hell out of me?


Why is it that other nations want to destroy our economy and success? That’s not so much a question, as statement of fact.

Capitalism works, the other “isms” do not. Again, simple observation. A people, free to create and produce for profit, will do what needs to be done to succeed and become wealthy if for no other reason than self and family. People who wish to produce must have others working for or with them, thus enriching those others. If you have skills and talent to create things others want or need, yet others will purchase from you. Somebody will produce things YOU need to produce what you make.

But nobody does anything that will not in some way reward them, either financially or spiritually, as can be demonstrated by “the welfare state”. “You mean I can sit here on my ass and get paid for it? Why should I work and produce if I don’t have to?”

So, those who DO work and produce must do so increasingly to provide for taxation of their labors to provide for all those who do not.

We have never simply taken from any nation their properties or products, we have always been willing to allow them the ability to join us in said production, thus allowing them to benefit from that. To the best of my knowledge, this nation has never simply destroyed any civilization simply to take their stuff. You might say the Native American had that happen to them, but we have always, IMO, first chosen trade and employment before having been forced to control.

Thus we grew, over the short period of time we have existed as a nation, into the most powerful nation in the world. Then the other “isms” decided to infiltrate and destroy from within, attempting to make us like them. Why? Why not see how it worked for us, and adapt these techniques to work for them?

If a country is small enough to be not much more than one fairly large extended family, then maybe something like communism might work for them. But you look at someplace huge like China, or the USSR, and it’s just got too many people to have that work. They’ve had to adopt something more like capitalism to keep from folding up. But you still have those there that feel the need to maintain the ism that they were based on before they borrowed ours.

Open your eyes, planet. Everybody has stuff they can sell or trade. There doesn’t need to be war, and conquest. Let’s deal. You have this that we need to make this other. You trade this for that. There is more on this planet that can be mined, or grown, or utilized in whatever fashion for everyone to be just fine. You swap us some of your gold and we’ll produce electronics for you with it so you can use that to get more out of the ground. On and on.

What would happen if we were attacked by another planet or whatever? We would have to work together to save the human race from the Beta Centaurians or whomever it may be. Your religious cult would have to take a back seat to saving humanity, or you would die right along with everyone else. If your “god” was going to save this planet, or your culture because of what it is, then said invasion of conquest would never have happened.

We, as a genetic race, must quit trying to destroy each other. We must take the best things from each nation and culture, those things that actually work for true betterment and inspiration of all, and evolve as a planet.

The Constitution was written by great men who saw the potential of a free people, free to worship as they would, free to build as they would, free to be what they would, for the benefit of selves and all others.

  1. 03/31/2015 17:01

    Good piece CM

    You are absolutely on target but I think your answer is in the the history of the english speaking peoples who have long held out individual sovereignty and natural rights as their touchstones.

    The continental and eastern cultures do not have such a liberal history of trusting the common man feeling he lacked the liabilities to cope with the world as it is. And thus they invented such things as the divine right of kings to justify their suppression of their subjects. as in the old joke- The peasants are revolting; yes I know.

    In England they broke away from such a paradigm when the nobles broke away and forced King John to recognize their rights as men in the Magna Carta. This filtered down to the common man in an unprecedented way and found its fullest promise here in the United States via the extraordinary group of individuals who founded this country on just these principles: The natural rights of men to own property and to pursue happiness as long as it harmed no one else.

    This is what we all know as the consensual society and the win-win economy. No body is coerced and every actor determines for themselves what they consider sufficient to act in trade. The problem arises when third parties start weighing in on the sufficiency of the consideration proffered( read any number of Thomas Sowell works for a full exegesis of this concept). This is where the consensual society breaks down from Hayekian ignorance of third parties who haven’t farthings worth of a clue as to what is sufficient in the instance and who suffer no consequences for being wrong. OSHA regulations, Obamacare and the minimum wage are quintessentially thus. These “do gooders” don’t ever suffer from the dislocations exacted because of the cost of these “good deeds”. They just forgive themselves as they delude themselves that their intentions were good.

    One of my favorite quotes on the subject from C.S. Lewis

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good
    of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live
    under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
    The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may
    at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good
    will torment us without end for they do so with the approval
    of their own conscience.”

    Their good intentions of course,as I’ve said before, are self evident bunk as they interfered because they thought their judgement was superior to those who actually have a vested interest in getting it right. This is not good intentions but the deadly sin of pride and may be the most dangerous of all the deadly sins. This is why they attack so viciously when you point out how wrong they are. No one likes to be shown they are wrong especially when you live in a solipsistic fantasy land like most of these deranged and self deluding souls.

    They don’t now nor will they ever understand why the consensual society works as that success springs not from their self proclaimed genius but from self interested actors who benefit from being right and punished for being wrong. Doubly “altruist’s” claim to good intentions takes another hit as their top down utopias of narcissism spread nothing but death destitution and misery. This is documented throughout history from feudalistic to Communist Russia to Maoist China to falangist Spain to Castroist Cuba to Juche North Korea to Khmer Rougist Cambodia to Sandinistan Nicaragua to Peronist/Allende Argentina to the current Middle East to the deterioration of social democratic Europe.

    Thus they fall back on the fallacy that all men are created equal in the literal sense. We all have the same God given rights but we do not have equal abilities. Those that can get the most out of their gifts are vilified as cheaters and criminals while those who steal from those who produce grotesquely wrap themselves in the cloak of altruism all the while violating the commandments about stealing and coveting thy neighbor’s ass. They are dishonest as they enslave the minds of the less well endowed with their false cries of equality and seek to rouse those against the productive even while never. Of course what the rabble doesn’t understand is what their champions have in mind: A greater equality at a lower standard of living. All the while the self serving elite live as their ego’s command in a perverse system of socialism for thee but not for me hypocrisy. Then they end up succeeding in killing off the productive the resulting fall out is described as “bad luck”(Heinlein).

    Ultimately all the -ism you speak of CM are about the purveyors conceit. It is sad that so much misery throughout history has been brought forth by such a venal and self serving emotion. But then to our solipsistic and arrogant “elites” it has always been, in their minds, all about them.

    I yield the floor.

  2. 03/31/2015 17:25

    Thank you, FX. You well explained the what, and the who of it. Still, what is so hard to understand, is the actual why. And I guess that sort of boils down to your points AND mine. If you can get away with it, you will.

  3. 03/31/2015 17:49

    “Ultimately all the -ism you speak of CM are about the purveyors conceit.”

    This is the why. A persons self image is a strong incentive to behavior. They see themselves as superior and dress it up in the clothes of concern for their fellow man. It is about their deluded conception that they are superior animals. This is what drives them crazy about the successful consensual society in that is an organic construct. No one person is responsible but the decisions of millions of self interested persons make it the best driver of prosperity.

    Like Hayek postulated, and many including Sowell and Dr Walter Williams among others have re-iterated,a market of millions is infinitely smarter than any ten, hundred or thousand individuals you can name. This gnaws at their ego and make them lash out in vindictive and destructive rage. They can not lay claim to its success because it succeeds without their so called wisdom. And like any egotist they must destroy that success so that you have no basis to compare withe their clearly inferior rubric.

    I think it is hard to understand such conceit because you do not impress me as that kind of person. You are accomplished without being boastful. People recognize you without you having to remind them of your intrinsic worth. These people who seek to rule and objectify us need that acclaim. Their egos demand that we recognize their “genius”. Their overt conceit is cover for a neediness for recognition. The organic consensual society offers no such opportunities thus they must tear it down to create a paradigm that is recognized as their creation.

    Just like we’ve always suspected of these people. They don’t believe in God because they see themselves as God.

  4. upaces88 permalink
    03/31/2015 18:54

    Obama is going every completely right to DESTROY the USA…Puzzle solved.

  5. 03/31/2015 19:40

    If we could only make them see the value of that group of thought. There must be all sorts to make the theory work that I have. You need the organizers, the workers, the everythings, but they must all know that every level is as important. Without the worker, the organizer has nothing to organize, etc etc.

  6. 03/31/2015 19:41

    Doing a damn fine job of it, for sure upaces88.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    03/31/2015 19:59

    He isn’t alone.

  8. 03/31/2015 20:05


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