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And the response to the “simple reality” post


These are thoughts that should be coming out of my head. This is yet another fantastic explosion better worded than I can do right now. I’m tired, I’m angry, I’m quivering, waiting for the starting bell. Then there are those, such as FX, still able to think and word clearly. I can find things and post them, sometimes I can still think clearly enough to write a post that makes sense. But this is another grand example of the minds of the Founders reborn. Thank you, FX:

This coup has been proceeding at a break neck pace since the day this fascist dick and his fascist party took control in 2009.

And all we get is milquetoast hacks kneeling and sucking this crumbs minuscule johnson. They hide in the corner cowering about the next phony declaration that any defense of the rights they are legally supposed to protect is raaaacist.

The dye is cast at this point. We have an entire party and their sick camp followers dedicated to the destruction of this country. They are enemies and RINO shits that sit there and say nothing as we are subsumed by this death cult are first rank quislings. D(Dishonest) or R(Reprobate) does not matter as they both have their roles in the coup now overtaking us.

I weep through the bitter tears of rage at what is happening.

We are having war waged upon us. They have already pinned us down with more and more economic burdens. They take advantage of our good faith and good nature and use it against us. They use the power of the state to enforce their deranged will. The energy it takes to get by in this country precludes many from taking to the streets and frog marching these thugs out and eliminating them for their treason. But we have to find that energy. We need to convince those who may be on the fence of what is happening. The leftist constitutency is beyond convincing they are a combination of the malevolent, the dependent and the ignorant. They use the money we send them whose only legitimately use is to protect our God given rights and steals it in order to deny us those rights.

They use that money to enforce the will of various vicious and vindictive minorities over the God given rights of a majority that has no other interest than being left alone. This creates a bifurcation of citizenship where the minority is afforded the full panoply of constitutional protections and the ability to bring the force of government to enforce their contempt and bigotry on those who disagree.

In South Africa this was called apartheid. Here it is grotesquely labelled as “social justice”. It doesn’t matter what they call it is the epitome of evil.

As I have said in the past these sons of bitches do not seek tolerance they seek dominance and way too many have afforded these bastards way to much respect and civility. We have been a very tolerant society to the point minorities can act like feral dogs and not a word is uttered. That must stop. They must be brought up short as the immoral pigs they are.

These people’s agenda is immoral on it’s face as they deal in sloth, envy, pride, bearing false witness, coveting thy neighbors ass and stealing his property because their ego tells them it the right thing to do. They are the evil ones. They have shown that they are in violation of one of their perverted religious creeds first principles “hypocrisy is a mortal sin”. See the gyrations they engage in as they try and convince you it’s just your lying eyes. The same holds true of their concept of tolerance as they hypocritically claim a moral high ground that is only valid if your real first principle is to tell any lie to gain power to enforce their conceit upon a purposely dumbed down mass. They lie by the Orwellian newspeak of redefining words, moving goal posts and engaging in demented double standards. They lie by omission. they lie by commission. They engage in slander, misrepresentation, selective citing of data, demagoguery and patent sophistry. If it is dishonest the leftist coup masters deploy it to the serf they have miseducated and misinformed for generations.

Right and the law are on our side. They are the criminals and this includes all their enforcers. Their legitimacy to govern was forfeited long ago but the complicit party through a collusion in place since 1936 just continue to acquiesce into bargaining away more and more of our God given rights. They are every bit the enemy, every bit as immoral as Obama and his neo-fascist cabal. Instead of standing up for the rule of law they just tried to figure out how they could harness for their own benefit.

No one believed us 6 years ago about what Obama’s and the neo fascist party’s intentions were. No one believed us when we said the same thing 2 years ago.They didn’t believe it when he openly said it himself. The opinion makers like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks almost squirted with delight at the election of this, even at the time, open leftist’s ascension to power. Mitt Romney deluded himself as Obama’s good faith when it was obvious Obama and his regime are anti- American thugs.

Just like with Hitler if someone in authority had a pair of fucking balls to call these rat bastards on what they really are- saboteurs and enemies of America as a land of liberty and indiviual rights this may not have happened. It they really had any guts they would have made the case that Obama’s wholes racist, classist anti-American program is immoral and an overthrow of the paradigm that made this country the brightest light the world has ever seen.

The envy and pride of these arrogant shits requires the extinguishing of any vestige that self autonomy is the highest state of human existence. Any thing that succeeds without their control and self proclaimed wisdom needs to be eradicated.

Their egos demand it.

  1. 04/05/2015 08:25

    Again Chris thanks for the recognition. It is gratifying that others find value in what I have to say.

    To you and all a blessed Easter and to our Jewish friends a blessed Passover season.

  2. 04/05/2015 08:43

    Happy Easter, and Shalom.

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