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I’m going to expand on one thought from that last


This coup has been proceeding at a break neck pace since the day this fascist dick and his fascist party took control in 2009.

Actually the right had control, somewhat, from 1995 until 2007. And the country was doing, comparatively, fairly well. Then, as tends to happen, the “social conscience” demanded control be allowed to shift to the other side of the spectrum.

It wasn’t “W” that ruined the economy, it was the communist takeover of congress. And now we have supposedly rolled congress back to the right in 2015. Well, I’m not seeing near as much yet as I think I should through that shift. You would think that the reason for the electoral results would have been sufficiently clear to the government. You would think that the obvious fraud in some areas of this electorate would have been clear to the sworn enforcers of the law, that investigations would have been conducted, and arrests made.

I’m just saying keep the pressure on your congresscritters to do their duty, to follow their Constitutional responsibilities, to rein in the new king before there has to be a repeat of the first situation regarding a king.



  1. 04/04/2015 12:02

    No W didn’t ruin the economy.

    That was the Community Redevelopment Act that was sliced and diced by the redistributionist dirt balls like Barney Fwank and Chiselin’ Chris Dodd who took hundred of thousand of dollars to look the other way while Fannie and Freddie undermined the mortgage underwriting business with ridiculous edicts that gave loans to people who were in no way going to pay them back. Holder and his SS goons at “justice” recently doubled down on this by filing “disparate impact” lawsuits in order to re-establish this debacle.

    This of course was exacerbated by a virulently anti business congress that came to power in 2007 that knew it had an easy mark in shrub as he is to the bone a big government RINO just like like shrub the first was.

    We have a responsibility that when somebody hurts, Government has got to move. And that’s why we’ve signed extensions to the unemployment insurance, so people can get their feet back on the ground

    This isn’t the attitude that we needed to roll back this economic and societal assault we are under. Romney was of the same mindset and while I voted for him I did not think he would really do anything to ameliorate the situation. Obama was that fucking bad and knowing Boner was terminally flaccid on anything that would make his butt buddy Obama uncomfortable, like impeaching the son of a bitch, it was the only semi viable option.

    Remember Shrub was also four square behind amnesty. A policy that we all know would have put us on the hook even further as invaders poured across the border knowing that the enforcement provision was a case of pissing on the heads of Americans and telling them it was raining. That psychotic demagogery is in the DNA of the Bush family as the fat halfwit Jeb blathers that their illegal act of stealing from us is an act of love. I guess you’ll be putting a hundred or so up at Kennebunkport eh Jeb?

    The RINO’s have been in on the joke since 1936. Anytime they get any leverage they give it away because they are either too lazy, too stupid or too economically enriched to actually honor their responsibility to the citizens and rule of law of this country.

  2. 04/04/2015 12:18

    *SIGH* And again you nail it.

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