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We can’t stop, we can’t give up


If we keep working hard enough, we might be able to reject and remove all the un-American, anti-Constitutional things the MGMMPOS has foist upon us:

Stay on it, if we intend to survive as a nation, as “The shining light on the hill”, we can’t stop.

  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    04/07/2015 22:30

    The good doctor of common sense sounded tired. Tired and pissed off.
    Been there, done that, still there.
    Problem is – what to do about it.
    Still way too many saying – wait for the election – and that is the biggest joke of all.

  2. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    04/07/2015 22:31

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    The frustration grows.

  3. 04/07/2015 23:02


  4. 04/07/2015 23:04

    Yes it does. To a point of explosion, perhaps?

  5. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    04/07/2015 23:43

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  6. upaces88 permalink
    04/08/2015 02:15

    Let’s hope so, CM!!
    He knew! That’s why is began firing, retiring our best Military Leaders.

  7. 04/08/2015 08:52

    We can but pray that some, if not most, if not all of them remember their oath and love America. That something, somewhere, is in the planning and development.

  8. upaces88 permalink
    04/09/2015 05:52

    That is why he made the NSA even more powerful to listen in on calls, emails,
    We are the enemy not the ones who want another 9/11.

  9. 04/09/2015 22:16

    1984 is only a little off.

  10. upaces88 permalink
    04/10/2015 04:38

    Like you, I am sure, read that book in High School. We all thought it was Science Fiction.
    Little did we know…It was/is the prognostication of today and the future unless something drastic happens to stop it.

  11. 04/10/2015 06:17


  12. upaces88 permalink
    04/11/2015 01:36

    Unfortunately, you are right.

  13. 04/11/2015 06:38

    Ah well.

  14. upaces88 permalink
    04/13/2015 03:39

    I think you are right.

  15. 04/13/2015 12:21

    Sometimes I’m in error, but I don’t think so this time.

  16. upaces88 permalink
    04/13/2015 14:58

    Really? I’ve never known you to be wrong….Tell me…shhhh, I won’t tell anyone else.

  17. 04/13/2015 19:11


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