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Conspiracy theory? Is it?


For the last few days, the music of the 60’s has been on my mind. Not the pop poop, but Janis, and Jimi, and The Doors type of music. The dark, head trip stuff. The stuff that violated the sensibilities of “the man”. And the fact that they all died around the same time, near the same way. Did “the man” do them in to try to kill the movement?

  1. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    04/10/2015 23:03

    Who knows. Nowadays I can believe anything.

  2. 04/10/2015 23:28

    I don’t remember hearing that thought before, but I’m probably not the first to think it. Lord, how fouled up the world has become in the last century.

  3. Reg permalink
    04/12/2015 10:04

    Overplayed, overrated shit music.

  4. 04/13/2015 01:31

    What do you listen to, shit slop hip hop? This music inspired.

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