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Okay, time to calm down a bit


  1. upaces88 permalink
    04/18/2015 03:23

    Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin

  2. poetopoet permalink
    04/18/2015 04:50

    Thanks for posting the best of best.

    Funny not? I thought what if they are actually singing about the KKK, what a laugh.

    When music was music it said and meant something.

  3. 04/18/2015 05:17

    And them as well.

  4. 04/18/2015 05:19


  5. upaces88 permalink
    04/18/2015 06:03

    Poet, it isn’t in the history books what caused the the “KKK in Texas or Mississippi.”
    I had relatives there so I don’t know about the other Southern States.

    Both sides of my family grew up in Texas, Alabama and Mississippi. They all ended up in Texas.

    What is interesting is that neither side of the family knew each other. You would think though time, the stories would be more embellished. There was a great deal of bitterness because they had the VERY SAME TALES. The Africans never asked for help or advice.

    After the Civil War, the Government GAVE the the freed Africans:

    Land and Lumber to build homes.
    They were given seeds to grow vegetables as well as cotton
    They were given a bull and a cow.
    They were given a Rooster and two chickens.
    They were given a Hog and a Sow.

    The brainless Africans Killed “The BULL” and ate him.
    Without a bull, there are no more calves.

    They Killed the “Rooster” for Sunday Dinner.
    Without a Rooster,, you can’t have baby chicks.

    They killed the Hog for meat — The sow can’t have more babies without the Hog.

    So? What did they do?
    At night, they would sneak on the farmland of neighbors to “steal theirs.”

    Sherman,Texas was too far to ride in a “wagon” then back home again. It would have been about a day’s ride and a day back. They feared leaving their wives at home to defend the farm.

    All of the white farmers in the area got together to make a schedule for a team of two farmers to ride by horseback over each farm of all of their neighbors farms to guard and watch out for trespassers.
    When they caught them red handed, they were “hung” right then and there.
    My mother had 6 brothers and sisters; and had bitter tales of picking cotton. Their farm wasn’t as successful as my dad’s farm….so they picked cotton to help out the family.
    They were paid for the cotton picking an “x” amount per pound.

    The African Americans loaded their cotton bags with “rocks” so they would be paid more.

    I know from the look on my Daddy’s Face and My Mother’s face, they didn’t tell us everything that happened back then.

    The KKK was active….and I am sorry to say, in the country side, there were no police officers….no Sheriff, etc. The KKK existed in that part of the country born of need.

    A horrible, gut deep hate was born due to the crimes by the FREED Africans.
    I just told you from 2nd hand from both sides of the family — that never met. Yet, they had the very same tales..


  6. poetopoet permalink
    04/18/2015 11:17

    upaces88 Have read or seen where Obama is giving every Black person 5.5 Million for reparations for slavery before he leaves office, this is real.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    04/19/2015 03:13

    OMG…and they will still bitch!!!
    I worked downtown Dallas when Affirmative Action was implemented. I have one file for “My History With Blacks.”
    I got tired of typing it over and over again.
    When I did a search in my files, this is the first one that came up:

    ​A friend of the family opened a new daycare-and after school care for children. It was in Denton, TX. That is about a 45 min. ride. She hadn’t hired anyone yet, so my daughter and I pitched in to help until she got it on financial solid ground.
    I went into the first “after school daycare.”
    There were 7 little Black Boys having a loud argument. I asked them what they were arguing about.
    They were playing cops and robbers.
    The argument was: “NO ONE wanted to play the part of the cops!”
    That is learned at home. The mothers picking them up were all in “brand new cars…expensive clothes” — yet, the state of Texas was paying for the daycare!!!

  8. upaces88 permalink
    04/19/2015 03:14

    During the years of Affirmative Action, I worked for the City of Dallas.
    I was dragged into a stairwell. This black lady about 30-40 lbs heavier then me
    slammed me against a brick wall. This black woman had her elbow ​pressing against my throat, and tapping me between the eyes with a double form acrylic fingernail​. She was​, leaning over and whispered in my ear NOT to apply for the upcoming position at City hall. ​She didn’t want the position because it was not Union …but she didn’t want a white woman to apply.​ ​ There were 57 women in the dept. and only 3 were white.​

    The tires on my car had to be replaced “3” times. They had been slashed.
    I was forced to park in an area about 3 blocks from the City of Dallas Parking lot.
    It was a VERY dangerous area!​ ​Due to the threats, I ​began taking a weapon to work hidden in a secret compartment in my purse; and always had my finger on the trigger in other to shoot through the purse ​ if I was threatened​ while walking to my car​.

    ​One beautiful day, the entire City Hall was evacuated. We were told it was a bomb threat. Two days later, due to my position with the Director, he told me that there was no bomb. The Blacks had threatened to kill all of the White women.

    Terrorism as defined as: “noun
    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

  9. upaces88 permalink
    04/19/2015 03:15

    City of Dallas Police Dept.-Office of Personnel
    We didn’t have computers. We had word processors (1992).
    It was my job to teach 5 (or 6?) African American Women how to do background checks on all potential police officers.
    I had never heard more excuses and complaints that I heard from anyone else in my life!!
    “You are trying to make us fail!”
    It wasn’t rocket science. You sent out a damn form to every school they ever attended; and every job these men and women went to. We also included their neighbors.

    It ticked them off because I was being “ultra patient.” Quite honestly, they asked the same questions over and over again, I thought they were mentally retarded. I really did! So I was very patient.

    LOL….Finally, one of them got so ticked off at my patience that she pinned me to my desk and her face was inches from mine and screaming at me! She had her fist in my face!
    By now, I had had it!!! I reached behind me to grab my stapler and yelled, “If you don’t get out of face, I will break your fuckin’ nose!”
    All of a sudden, the entire Police Dept. Personnel broke out in hollerin’ along with applauding!!!!
    They had been listening to my patience as I spoke softly, the instructions over and over again.

    After that, I hated working with the, and turned down other offers to teach them a damn thing!

  10. upaces88 permalink
    04/19/2015 03:25

    Oh! I worked for the City of Dallas when the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial ended and they let him go! He just nearly chopped his wife’s head off and they let him go!

    The entire building filled with loud applause, hoopin’ and hollerin’….they were thrilled he was set free…AND HE DID ALMOST CUT OFF HIS WHITE WIFE’S HEAD!!!

  11. poetopoet permalink
    04/19/2015 10:19

    I believe it is to late, they won, the dirty cheating bitches and bastards.

  12. upaces88 permalink
    04/19/2015 22:09

    AND THEY STILL WANT MORE! More What? They got everything they wanted except they didn’t “earn it.”


    No one can inject healthy self respect or respect for others, etc.

    Poet, my daughter introduced me to a Black Poet abut 20 years ago. His name is “Gerren Liles (or Lylies?). He wrote a small poetry book: On the Road to Damascus”

    There was one sentence that I remember because it hit me so hard.


  13. 04/20/2015 21:57

    I won’t use the names or terms that come to mind.

  14. 04/20/2015 21:59

    That would have to go through Congress, and I think they see the steam building in WTP.

  15. 04/20/2015 22:02

    Again, I will not use the terms and descriptives that come immediately to mind…

  16. 04/20/2015 22:04

    Cut them off completely. Earn it or starve.

  17. poetopoet permalink
    04/21/2015 04:02

    Wee the People no longer matter to our elected officials or anyone else, unless We the People surrender our arms and become non-entities to them that take and wee the people that give it away.

  18. 04/21/2015 06:26

    They may end up surprised by the reaction…

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