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RACIST!!! Oh, wait, what?


This guy says what a whole bunch of people think:

Honky mutha…oh, NOT a honky? Sheeit.

  1. 04/17/2015 10:38

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    Thanks, bro.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    04/17/2015 11:19

    Better late than never, wait a minute that is in Never-Never Land.

  4. 04/17/2015 11:45


  5. 04/17/2015 18:17

    Yeah Obama is an evil racist fascist sack of shit but as the fellow says he couldn’t have been elected without the votes of evil, dishonest white leftists and their pawns- the preternaturally retarded and habitually dependent that make up 75% of the leftist coalition.

    Way too many bought into the idea that electing this vermin president would somehow give them cheap grace and racial absolution. This was just plain stupid as the left uses race like they use everything else: as a club to beat you over the head. There was never any absolution intended. In fact it was the perfect opportunity to unleash the vengeance this turd and his America hating white enablers dreamed of. They had been embarrassed time and again as we succeeded despite their best efforts to trip us up. Religious zealotry can be that way. Want to to see a flying rage, show a true believer they are wrong.

    Now that we have the proof of Obama’s clear racism it is time to go on offense and beat them to death with their racist “messiah” They do not deserve any benefit of any doubt. At this late date their is no such thing as good faith vote for a “Democrat” as their basic premise is any lie for the cause. This is not the stance of a party of good faith but of a dishonest party which has a deranged will to power. If they voted for Obama and the neo fascist party he heads they are de facto evil. Yeah I know I earlier said they were mostly ignorant but in most cases they are willfully so. Those who remain so belligerently ignorant are just as guilty as those who are actively undermining us as their actions add to the oppression and make it easier to dehumanize and demean us.

    They are racist by default. They are oppressors by default. They are evil by default.

    It is they who seek to keep the pot of racial animus boiling as they dupe the belligerently stupid and cow the craven cowards who think if they just keep their heads down it will all blow over.

    They are dead wrong.

    The racist fascists allies of the racist fascist regime will make you declare your fealty. Silent neutrality will not be accepted. But they better remember this; declare thoughtfully as we are keeping track of those who side with the forces of decomposition and those who side with those of us the actually believe in human progress and not the regressivism of elitist pigs who seek to reconstitute the status quo ante bellum that our founders replaced using the linguistic slight of tongue and intellectual fraud that is government centered “progressivism”.

    Obama is a pig but he can only be where he is because so many of those who live in this country are every bit the swine he is.That especially goes for that fetid reprobate sow who is looking to replace him using the same pattern of slander and criminality.

  6. 04/17/2015 18:45

    Ab-so-fucking-lutely. Dead nuts on, but you always are.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/17/2015 21:36

    I made it to the 23 minute mark before I shut it off in disgust. If I understand what he said correctly, Frank Marshall Davis painted Obama’s grandfather as just another white bigot, even though by every bit of his speech and actions, Obama’s grandfather was totally against racial bigotry. Obama bought it. Obama also seems to have completely ignored Malcolm X reinventing himself, deciding that he couldn’t or wouldn’t emulate him.

    In other words, it’s all a lot like listening to a Klansman give his rationale for being a Klansman – disgusting.

    Obama by his own words, knew in 1995 the corrosive effect that racial separatism has on people and societies. He chose to embrace the racist status quo anyway.

    He disgusts me.

  8. 04/18/2015 00:19

    Got the point there, did you?

  9. poetopoet permalink
    04/18/2015 04:41

    You Can knock off Rubio for president and here is why:

    by MATTHEW BOYLE17 Apr 2015Washington,

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said he believes that President Barack Obama’s first executive amnesty for so-called DREAMers—the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—is “important” and he won’t reverse it himself if elected president. He delivered these remarks in a Spanish-language interview he gave to Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

    “I believe DACA is important. It can’t be terminated from one moment to the next, because there are already people benefiting from it,” Rubio said in Spanish on Ramos’s television program, according to an English translation provided by the media service Grabien. “But yes, it is going to have to end. It can’t be the permanent policy of the United States, and I don’t think that’s what they’re asking either. I think everyone prefers immigration reform.”
    Ramos followed up, according to the translation, by asking: “But then, to clarify, you would put an end to DACA once immigration reform is approved, but what would happen, Senator, if there is no immigration reform; would you cancel DACA anyway?”

    Rubio answered that DACA will end only when a legislative substitute with the exact same or similar policy prescriptions—a legislative amnesty for illegal alien minors—is implemented. He also said in Spanish that, if elected president, he believes that America cannot deport illegal aliens here in the country right now, and he expects a legislative solution will be implemented that essentially has all the parts of the massively controversial “Gang of Eight” bill that he would pass piece-by-piece.

    “Well, at some point it is going to have to end, that is to say, it can’t continue being the permanent policy of the United States,” Rubio said. “I believe, if I become President, it is going to be possible to achieve immigration reform. It is not going to be comprehensive, that is to say, it is not going to all be in one massive bill. We already tried that a few years ago. We’ve seen there isn’t political support for it and I think we’ve wasted a lot of time in this process, when we could have made progress through the steps I’ve advocated.

    “Unfortunately, a lot has been spent with that, it’s become an even more controversial subject, more difficult to make progress on, but I’m still saying it’s important to modernize our system and that means improving the way we enforce in the future, modernizing the immigration system so that it isn’t as costly and bureaucratic, and we have to deal with the 12 million human beings who are here and no one, no one is advocating a plan to deport 12 million people, so that topic has to be dealt with as well.”

    Rubio’s comment, targeted toward Spanish speakers, that he would keep Obama’s first executive amnesty—enacted outside the purview of Congress—in effect, until passing a legislative substitute with nearly identical policies, puts him at odds with virtually the rest of the Republican field except for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

    Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal have each said that on day one as president, they would immediately undo Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive overreaches—including DACA, as it was started without congressional approval—rather than trying to wait for a legislative solution.

    Further, Rubio is calling DACA “important,” though it’s widely understood in the political world that this program caused the border crisis last summer and will likely lead to a future border crisis. Rubio’s comments endorse a policy that, in effect, brought tens of thousands of migrant children streaming across the border illegally and risking their lives to get into America with hopes of getting an unlawful amnesty.

    The last time Rubio tried to push immigration rhetoric like this—the Gang of Eight bill back in 2013—he saw a significant drop in the polls. As he continues exposing his true beliefs when it comes to immigration matters, his emotional rhetoric as a presidential candidate will be undercut by his support of policies the Republican electorate is vehemently opposed to like Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Ann Coulter, the massively influential conservative columnist, has said that Rubio “can’t be serious” in running for president after exposing his wildly unpopular immigration views, and he seems to be angling for a vice presidential slot.

    “I think he’s running for a vice presidential slot,” Coulter said of Rubio on Fox News. “This can’t be serious.”

    It’s also worth noting that pandering on immigration to the Hispanic community as much as Bush or Rubio have does not mean Republicans have any better chance at gaining support in such communities.

    Bush, who along with Rubio is the most liberal on immigration in the 2016 field and thinks of himself as an “honorary Hispanic” and even checked the race as his own on a voter registration card—something he and his campaign have tried to laugh off since the story broke—is polling worse among Hispanics than even Mitt Romney got in 2012.

    Romney, who was berated for his “self-deport” line, got by most estimations about 29 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election against President Barack Obama. Yet Bush, according to two recent ABC News and Washington Post polls, trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among Hispanic voters by an even worse margin than by which Romney lost—71 percent for Clinton to 26 percent for Bush.

    Perhaps most importantly, however, is that Rubio’s comments to Ramos in Spanish show that he’s significantly further left than the majority of Republicans in Congress on this issue. Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment–and then passed legislation containing it–from Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that would have withheld taxpayer funding for Obama’s DACA executive amnesty.

    While 26 of the most liberal Republicans in the House voted against that amendment, it passed onto the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill, then passed the House. Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), who is going to face conservative Frank Roche in a rematch in her primary next year, led the charge among those liberal Republicans to try to derail Blackburn’s amendment. Ellmers failed in the end.

    When Rubio announced he was running for president, too, he actually argued he’s done more for illegal aliens than Hillary Clinton has.

    “Well, I don’t know about others, but I’ve done more immigration than Hillary Clinton ever did,” Rubio said in an interview with National Public Radio. “I mean, I helped pass an immigration bill in a Senate dominated by Democrats. And that’s more than she’s ever done. She’s given speeches on it, but she’s never done anything on it.”
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  10. 04/18/2015 05:18

    Let us see where this goes first.

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