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By God, this thing should have sold like hotcakes!


Considering the technology of the time, this thing was awesome!

  1. upaces88 permalink
    04/20/2015 22:29

    Why didn’t it sell like hot cakes?

  2. 04/20/2015 22:37

    They were used to sledgehammers?

  3. upaces88 permalink
    04/20/2015 22:53

    Well, crap!!!

  4. 04/20/2015 23:59


  5. 04/21/2015 07:00

    I would it failed mostly due to the “magazine” and, more specifically, that it was made of aluminum, which was expensive at the time. An expensive, easily lost, critical part is not a feature for anyone except the manufacturer and, given shipping times, a huge problem for the shooters.

    As a side note – the US Military originally refused to adopt the C96 because they considered the magazines too expensive to be discarded.

  6. 04/21/2015 07:07

    Thank you for the insight.

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