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Went over to Outlaw Bloggers to see what I’ve missed lately


And found that the two most recent articles are absolutely bone chilling. Both are about how we’ve got to get a bit more prepared for the Gestapo that is today’s “Law Enforcement” in many places.


These things should absolutely scare the shit out of you. Both of these articles have been well researched and validated, and both of these should infuriate you to a massive degree. We do still have the vote, I think, so we’d best get to using it. Politics have 4 boxes, as you know, and we’d better get to using all of the first three boxes a touch harder than we have been. That fourth box has been pulled out of the closet and set on the floor by the front door in many houses. Are you really ready to use it? Do you have any idea what your option is?

Update: It has started, that viral movement at and Read them, spread them. Link mine if you wish, reblog, whatever. Make sure America knows, cause it damn sure isn’t going to go out through the LSM.

Update: You know Fox is actually THE most watched news channel, yes? Megyn Kelly took this on 4/23/15.

  1. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    04/23/2015 10:10

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. 04/23/2015 17:21

    It is certainly does infuriate.

    We have accepted this fate much to meekly, deferring to those who counsel patience and civility for far too long. We have allowed ourselves to be moderated instead of asserting ourselves. We are the ones being assaulted. Those who counsel patience and civility are invariably attached to the status quo and have a vested interest in maintaining their corrupt privilege. They are deathly afraid of any of us coming to the conclusion that they are phony and self entitled. They rig the game in favor of their own perverted sense of entitlement.

    Too many have accepted this fate as the hounds of hell are loosed on any one who dare call evil by its name. They let fly slander designed to convince the purposefully mis-educated, the belligerently stupid and the willfully malign. They are the aggressors. It is they who seek to destroy our humanity. It is up to us to define this malevolence and stare it down. We can’t pull our rhetorical punches. We need to paint these fascist/socialist/racist thugs with words that fit them. Too many equate our defense of the ultimate iteration in human endeavors with as being reactionary when it is us defending the ultimate in human societal evolution- a society of equals before the law with a government that ensures those rights as opposed to imposing the will of a self righteous self entitled cabal.

    Ultimately the progressive paradigm which assaults is immoral to its core as it seeks to oppose it’s wretched agenda on all and deny even the most basic rights to the point of objectifying those it seeks to control. It is they who steal. It is they who bear false witness as to their intention. The intention which is to materially and spiritually enslave those who oppose them and even those who support them. They by definition do not believe in equality as they set themselves apart and above those they seek to rule. As I have said their religion falls apart on the shoals of the hypocrisy of the false pieties they impose on others that they have no intention of honoring themselves.

    They are false even to their phony creed. They do not believe in fairness. They do not believe in civility. They do not believe in justice. They do not believe in tolerance. They do not believe equality. But I think most importantly they do not believe in humanity at least not in the humanity of those who seek to foil their evil machinations. They do not think humans are capable of self rule which is odd since if humans can’t be trusted to govern themselves why should they be trusted to govern any one else.(Dr T. Sowell paraphrase). And the last time I checked these punks all claim to be “human”

    They believe only in power and their own depraved rationalizations for why they are the only ones (self)righteous enough to be trusted with it. As you so poignantly point out with the JFK clip those who think rules are rigged will seek other redress as Fran Poretto points out that point is upon us. The peaceful remedies are becoming more and more untenable. Those who counsel against punching back are misguided and forgetting that history is written by the victors. If we lose it will matter not one farthing that we were civil or not. The idea is to win and tell the story as it is: We are the defenders of truth, liberty and justice. It is we who seek to restore human dignity after it has been degraded in the favor of the all powerful state.

    It is we who stand for civilization and our enemies who seek to dismantle it and turn our lives into a Hobbesian nightmare: nasty, brutish and short all for the ego of an evil clique of punks and gangsters.

  3. 04/23/2015 19:57

    Megyn Kelly’s show was about just this tonight.

  4. 04/27/2015 06:48

    Chills. Gets closer every day.


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