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Here’s a fun toy


Mosin Nagant M38, MNPG stock, 91 Sniper bolt handle, Big 5 purchased red dot.

7.62x54R ammo is the absolute sweetness. Excellent power level, accurate, and still very reasonable cost per round.

And my other fun toy on top. Pug stock with a Para SKS.

  1. 04/26/2015 23:26

    How much $ will your new toy cost?

  2. 04/26/2015 23:33

    Do you mean, how much did it cost? I think I have about $500 or so in it.

  3. 04/26/2015 23:40

    I want one! Wish I could on my budget.

  4. 04/26/2015 23:55

    Piece at a time, luckily stumbling across something, bought a long time ago before they got so much more expensive, but they’re still not bad for what you get at all. Years and years worth of “Oooo, I can get that!” right now…

  5. 04/26/2015 23:57

    Early Christmas or Early Birthday Present from “you TO you.” Best kind!!!

  6. 04/27/2015 06:47

    Yep, birthday here, Christmas there, piece at a time.

  7. 04/27/2015 11:35

    Im betting the muzzle flash on the SKS Para is quite….(whats the word im looking for??)….ILLUMINATING.

  8. 04/27/2015 21:50

    Yes, but the flash from the Mosin will set forest fires in a rain storm.

  9. 04/27/2015 22:12

    Young man, when is your birthday?

  10. 04/27/2015 22:52

    July 2.

  11. 04/27/2015 22:58

    You are now on my Calendar for your birthday..

  12. 04/27/2015 23:02

    That’s me on FB, too.

  13. 04/27/2015 23:08

    Awww shucks…I just do NOT go on Face Book. . I was kicked off the first year Obama was in office the first time.
    I tried to go back….it is just TOO public.

  14. 04/28/2015 00:20

    True enough. To both parts, but you may have seen all the anti-Ovomit stuff I post up or share.

  15. 04/28/2015 00:21

    I am surprised you haven’t been kicked off.

  16. 04/28/2015 00:24

    Me too. Good night.

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