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Will it be “Civil”, or “Revolutionary”?


The war that’s coming. Civil, or Revolutionary? In the War of Northern Aggression, everything from Maryland north was pushing to control the Confederacy. And you look at the states most beholdin’ to the federal government, they’re still much the same area. I should have said the red states vs the blue states. Welfare, etc. Sure, some of the Southern states have that, but not as much. Or will it be the Revolution against the King and his court broadspread?

The question is, how are the communists in control? Look at the sheer bulk. Populace. But that just means we know where they are.

More of an overhead question, really. I’m feeling my pre-sleep painkillers, and that came to mind as a moderate abstract.

What do YOU think? We need a discussion. I’m ready, I may not survive but BY GOD I WILL NOT GO ALONE!

The question being, will it have been worthwhile? How many of us are there that believe in the OATH we swore to support and defend THE CONSTITUTION remain? Hmm? How many? Enough? Or will it be another assist to Agenda 21 by removing numbers of people to achieve the ideal populace numbers?

Will we save the United States, or will we enable the UN and the NWO?

  1. poetopoet permalink
    04/30/2015 08:10

    My thought on the matter is:

    As a matter of course in the evaluation of the evolution of some species of mankind that are stagnated by free bananas handed out to all, is without question in question!

    Now, whether when they peel back the bananas that are to be shown to be white too inside and they maybe not, the question is. Does that symbolize a sympathetic twofold freehold slaveholder resentment, long held as illegal captivity in public view?

    When the visiting hours at Public Zoos and free and open housing, that are sometimes interrupted by the news crews (mass media) and the National Geographic by their political gamekeepers who are forbidden to use deadly force, even under their own diverse equality, yet they themselves have no trouble committing murder against one another.

    However, they themselves (news crews) stand behind the hired and restrained and restricted Blue Line they come to disrespect that protects them, they condemn themselves not.

    No form of civil society can or will survive their demands, their needs and wants that eventually beget general anarchy or Islamic Law.

  2. 04/30/2015 08:32

    I think it could kick off more as a balkanization (civil) type of conflict. Once that it is complete it’ll probably then become an effort of the newly created entity to “clean up” the pockets as delineated by the map. I live in Illinois, my son is just 3 yrs from finishing school. At that time, I plan on voting with my feet. After that, I am a man that believes he is free, if there is a conflict, I will report for duty to perform whatever task is necessary based upon my skill sets to the entity that best represents my political thinking (FreeFor). And if Im able to man a weapon, I will NOT hesitate, nor entertain / have any moral compunctions about killing as many enemy combatants as I possibly can. But I think this thing still has a number of years (10 +) to percolate. It’ll take awhile for those like me to consolidate ourselves geographically and then more time to establish the governing bodies willing to “separate” completely from the absolute mockery of “government” that we have now. In the mean time….Im busy corrupting todays youth by planting “freedom” seeds in their lil brain housing groups and teaching them how to approach, evaluate, and shoot the broad side of a barn (among other things)

    Interesting when you look at that map, especially from a “strategic” resource perspective. All those blue pockets rely heavily on the red areas for energy & food & water resources. During the conflict, those things are going to be used as weapons, the enemy (for the most part) control the major ports, so in theory they could resupply that way. But Ive long maintained that (much like the Hunger games) this will end up being a battle fought by the urbans vs. the rurals.

    Then again….what do I know?

  3. 04/30/2015 21:28

    This one as well!

  4. 04/30/2015 21:30

    I believe you know quite a bit, Troy.

  5. 05/02/2015 07:38

    I think Troy has the correct take.

    It’s going to be like a revolution it will just be like the French Revolution as localized tribal eruptions happen according to the race baiting plans of the banana republic regime that now hold DC in its corrupt clutches.

    Baltimore and all its simulacrums are the natural result of a grasping and dishonest elite that need to set us against each other and then falsely claiming our response is “aggression” needing to be quashed. They threw the first dozen sucker punches.Our response is warranted. Our response will be righteous.

    But understand this boys and girls. The uniformed services, both locally and nationally, are now of dubious loyalty. They have lost sight of who actually pays their bills and have become entitled and demanding. I have first hand experience with just such a mentality as I hold the chief financial post in a small municipality. They no longer serve the public but serve their own interests with the tacit approval of the ruling class thugs of which they are extensions. The national army has been compromised at the flag rank and above with kiss ass perfumed princes that mirror the NDSWP world view. Even now they are indoctrinating younger officers with their poison and those who do not imbibe fully are ushered out. What else can you say about commanding generals who think the military’s biggest challenges are global warming, diversity and the “rape culture”.

    And then we have our old Rottie friend Sabotai Bahadur who puts it rather succinctly(at least for him)

    I know that Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games books visualizing the Capitol City as the abode of the equivalent of evil Republicans; but they have become a pretty good analog of the Bipartisan Governing Party -v- the rest of us.

    Attitudes are changing. Recently on another site I observed a discussion of a “What If?”. As in ‘What if there was a nuke in DC going to detonate in 10 minutes. You are a safe distance away, and you are the only person who can defuse it from a distance. Would you and why?”. Most commenters made the obvious and expected arguments about there being innocent people there, or that even the BGP people being Americans. But for the first time I saw discussion of the cost -v- benefit of freeing the country from Federal control, and one comparison of it being equivalent to Hiroshima and Nagasaki preventing the necessity of invading Japan at horrendous cost at the end of WW-II.

    That, struck me as a sea change. Years of both speaking of and treating the mass of the American people as being the enemy, and praising our foreign and domestic enemies as precious things to be protected at the expense of the American people has had an effect. The process of “Otherizing” works both ways.

    That does not bode well for the future, and these things take a long time to start . . . . and suddenly are unstoppable.

    It is going to be messy as this escalates in blue model states(like mine) that break down under the weight of their own arrogance and malfeasance. Their ideology is running out of OPM. Those who are taxed to the brink are not in the mood to hand over any more to hateful and ungrateful layabouts who bear false witness and complain we are not supporting them and raising them up to be economically equal. They accuse us of racism if we tell them to fuck off and die or get a job. They level accusations of racism for the pointing out of their own self imposed pathologies and demand we handicap ourselves so they can be equal in the finest Harrison Bergeron-ic existance. Racism now is an empty term as its only meaning is you won’t submit to their race and gender based bigotry and extortion.

    That which can’t go on won’t. Plan accordingly and beware your neighbor and relatives as quite often these people are creatures of the depraved project which now has reached its crescendo.

  6. 05/02/2015 11:07

    There are many of them, indeed. But I believe there are more of us. And there are times when I wonder about the reduction of populace that is preached by “them”. Well, that’s going to happen for sure. SIGH, you point out those painful truths so well.

  7. 05/02/2015 11:24

    Bill Whittle gives us a glimpse of the future…if we are not careful and fail to take the initiative.

    I disagree with Bill on one point though; the fact that Obama, Hilary and rest of the prognazis they call allies and follower are not mass murderers is a co-incidence of time not a lack of desire. After all they are already fine with the degradation of the their opponents and the murder of the helpless and the voiceless.

  8. 05/02/2015 11:27

    These filth cause nightmares.

  9. poetopoet permalink
    05/04/2015 18:42

    The cowards can hardly smell the roses between the pansies.

  10. 05/04/2015 22:15


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