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Shit! Somebody find me one of these I can afford!


Very nearly too cool. I do like the 7.62×39 round a LOT. I find myself fond of SKS series rifles. And I like a LOT of the Czech systems, those people are sharp. This thing looks like all that AND a bag of chips!

  1. upaces88 permalink
    05/07/2015 00:21

    Lord! I bet he paid more for that than I have EVER paid for a car. LOL

  2. 05/07/2015 00:29

    Probably! I’ve got a few collector’s that should have cost more, and I would wish this were the same.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/07/2015 03:03

    Dang, I’m already running out of space in the safe. The Czechs have always made unique stuff. My Vz. 52 pistol is an absolute hoot with it’s double roller locking.

  4. 05/07/2015 04:48

    Man, I remember when those things were dirt cheap! I paid $79 for my first SKS(chinese commercial) $309 for my first AK (Polytech down folder) Then again my dad still talks about when gas was a quarter a gallon. (SIGH)

  5. 05/07/2015 09:59

    Oh yeah! I have a 52, and the ballistics on that are as hot as damn near any small bore pistol on the market!

  6. 05/07/2015 10:01

    I remember .21 Sunoco 260 in FL. Original lead free gas, 130 octane.

  7. 05/07/2015 10:22

    Its purty Kewl, I especially like the bayonet design (although I wounder how sturdy the lock mech would be under true “stabby” conditions)….but I still got the hots for a Springfield SOCOM….

  8. 05/07/2015 11:40

    SOCOM is full power rifle. Which is not a bad thing, but this looks pretty cool. I can agree with the preference, but logic may dictate…

  9. 05/08/2015 06:54

    What’s your price range and do you demand Czech domestic use or will you accept one made for export, e.g., Turkish markings?

  10. 05/08/2015 08:44

    I don’t care where it’s from, just that it be in good condition. I’d have to see it to see if I felt it was worth the price by gut feeling. I went to Gunbroker, and found them anywhere from $250-500. I’d just have to see it and hold it to find out if I want to hand it back or put it down long enough to write a check or count out cash.

  11. 05/08/2015 08:49

    About where are you at?

  12. 05/08/2015 08:52

    Clovis NM. There may be some around here, I’ll have to start sniffing about. Why, do you have one?

  13. 05/08/2015 09:03

    Yes, a Turkish one, still wrapped & coated in aged cosmoline. But it’s in FL and I’m in NY. I’ll check w/ some of my friends out your way though as well.

  14. 05/08/2015 09:10

    You got a source for 7.62 x 45 though? It’s a 52/57, not a 58 and uses the proprietary cartridge that Soviets wanted gone, gone, gone.

  15. 05/08/2015 10:03

    Thank you!

  16. 05/08/2015 10:03

    Found some on line, and I have a couple of friends with gunshops.

  17. 05/08/2015 10:06

    According to this video, the 52 was x45, and the 52/57 was the conversion to x39. I’ll have it chamber checked.

  18. 05/08/2015 11:23

    One more thing about if it’s x45, is that I kinda like oddball cartridges that are just that bit more effective. Powerwise, it should be right in the middle between x39 and x51.

  19. 05/08/2015 14:24

    OK, cool. As for the one I own, I’ve never even unwrapped it more than enough to figure out it wasn’t what it was billed as – SKS – figure out just what the hell it was, and do a quick check on condition (very fine from appearance).

    I got it in what was supposed to be a mixed lot of SKS’s and Mauser 8mms about 20 or so years ago.

  20. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/08/2015 17:40

    If Chris doesn’t go for it, say hello.

  21. poetopoet permalink
    05/09/2015 00:11

    This was found in the Drudge Report today: Please, anyone tell me (and the world at large) now this crime in and against America can continue without a single word from the World Wide Mass Media Complex from the Lone Star State?

    “May 8, 2015 6:16 pm

    Texas bristles at Obama’s ‘invasion’

    Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington

    Soldiers prepare for a service for the four killed and more than dozen injured in last week’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at Fort Hood. President Barack Obama will attend the ceremony. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)©AP

    President Barack Obama plans to launch a military operation this summer that will see the special forces which killed Osama bin Laden team up with Walmart to take over Texas.
    The invasion will also target the Mormon stronghold of Utah and an “insurgent pocket” in California. But the main thrust will be in Texas where 1,200 special forces — Army Green Beret forces to Navy Seals — will try to reclaim the state that voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.


    Sim card giant probes spy theft claims
    ‘Lord of Secrecy’, by Scott Horton
    Russians accused of spying in New York
    CIA clears staff who accessed Senate PCs
    Civil rights probe into Baltimore police
    US Senate passes Iran nuclear review bill
    Court rules NSA phone surveillance illegal
    US accuses EU of undermining food security
    Sign up now firstFT

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    As the US focuses on the threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), anti-Obama groups have been fanning the flames of conspiracy over Jade Helm 15, a long-planned military exercise to let troops “practise core special warfare tasks, which help protect the nation against foreign enemies”.

    Mr Obama is no stranger to conspiracy theories — for instance, Donald Trump claiming that he was not born in the US and so not qualified to occupy the White House.
    The former “Republic of Texas” has also had one of the strongest streaks of independence in the US since it was annexed in 1845, making the “Lone Star” state ripe for conspiracy tales involving the federal government.

    But the latest intrigue took on a new dimension when Greg Abbott, the new Republican governor of Texas, ordered the State Guard, a branch of the Texas state military, to monitor Jade Helm on the grounds that it was “important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed”.

    Ted Cruz, the Texas senator running for president, said while he was not concerned about Jade Helm, the anxiety was valid because “we have seen, for six years, a federal government disrespecting the liberty of the citizens”.

    But Mr Abbott’s move sparked criticism from mainstream Republicans and people surprised that he would lend credence to rumours.

    In his inauguration speech, Mr Abbott had thanked the military, including his brother who served in the Navy, for service that “secured our freedom to celebrate events of democracy like this today”.

    His order to the State Guard came days before two men with suspected Isis links were killed by police after they opened fire outside a provocative anti-Muslim exhibition in Garland, Texas.

    Although just a wild rumour, the Jade Helm conspiracy has tapped into a debate about the relationship between the federal government and the states that is expected to be a central topic in the 2016 presidential election.

    On issues from healthcare to same-sex marriage, many conservatives worry that another Democrat in the Oval Office would push policies that would strip power away from the states.

    Mr Abbot’s order provided rich fodder for satirists. Comedian Jon Stewart ripped into the governor, saying, “So Texas, it appears you are on the verge of being taken over by Isis or the United States of America . . . What would Rick Perry do?”

    But Mr Perry, the former Texas governor and 2012 presidential candidate who was lampooned after he could not recall the government agency he wanted to eliminate in a presidential debate, also joined the critics.

    “The civilian leadership you can always question them but not the men and women in uniform,” Mr Perry said.

    James Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, said Mr Abbot was engaging in “a balancing act between the more establishment wing of the party and the more extreme wing” in a state where high support for the military meets strong distrust of Washington.

    Mr Henson said the governor was trying to pass some laws — including one to improve pre-kindergarten education — that were unpopular with extreme rightwing Republicans and the Jade Helm move was an attempt to keep critics on side, even if it was risky given the very strong support for soldiers in Texas.

    Chart: Texans’ faith in US institutions

    “If the New York Times and Jon Stewart make fun of you in the national press, all the better in terms of . . . trying to keep his conservative coalition intact at the state level,” Mr Henson said.

    Mr Abbott has tried to repair some of the damage, saying the criticism was an “overreaction” to an effort to gather information to share with Texans.

    The conspiracy was originally spread by groups such as, a website that has published articles with headlines such as “Texas Judge Warns Obama May Spark ‘Civil War’, Call in UN Troops”.

    It was sparked by a leaked military presentation on the exercise that included a map showing Texas and Utah as “hostile” territory and New Mexico as “leaning hostile”.

    When Walmart announced the closure of several stores, including in Texas, conspiracy theorists warned that the company was allowing the Pentagon to build tunnels under the vacant properties for use in the summer invasion.

    Twitter: @DimiSevastopulo

    United States of America, Barack Obama”

  22. 05/11/2015 00:16

    You are a very lucky person. If you don’t want it, let’s discuss how to get it done. FFL to FFL, send you a check or something. Some such thing.

  23. 05/11/2015 00:17

    Jeff, 😛 Mine.

  24. 05/11/2015 00:21

    Remember, a “conspiracy theory” is only a theory until proven a fact.

  25. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/11/2015 00:34

    Enjoy, but you’ve got to post a good report on the first range trip with it.

  26. 05/11/2015 01:00

    Oh, count on it!

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