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Some people love Glock pistols. Absolutely love them.


As for me, I think they are a fine system. But it doesn’t fit right yet. Each of the generations have gotten closer, but it’s still Just Not Right in my hand. Free would make me learn to adapt, or put it in the safe for SHTF purposes at least. For free, I would pay to have that grip fixed so it would be right. Anyway:

9mm is okay with modern combat ammo. Again, I’m a .45 subscriber as a general rule. But this might not be a bad alternative for when I “can’t carry a gun”. Small, concealable, full power. Yes, I’ve shown videos of serious .380 that is extreme. But oh shit is that stuff expensive! You can get pretty damn good 9mm for much less, thereby making it reasonable to carry. And if you’re going to carry anything, you must be proficient with it, which requires practice, which is money. Or, you get cheap hardball for practice and stuff the gun with the good ammo when it’s on your hip. Again, but, you’ve still got to burn enough of it to be totally confident that it will work.

Sooooo, depending on where you live or if you want to deal with these people and pay shipping fees, check them out. Indiana isn’t just right around the corner for me, but there is always UPS.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    05/07/2015 23:29

    THIS IS sooo exciting!

  2. 05/07/2015 23:58

    It’s a damn good piece if it fits you. As for the machine itself, it’s good. Join in the potential giveaway!

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