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Since I’m on this vein lately, and speaking of Ovomit fraud,


When I say Ovomit fraud, you know of what I speak. Entire districts with not a single, not a single, not even one, vote for the other guy. Voters who checked their record only to find the button they pushed was not the mark that was made. Yeah, that:

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/13/2015 02:17

    With everything that’s happened over the last 6 years, I sometimes wonder that there hasn’t been some heinous incident, triggering open rebellion. Then again, I notice that the Liberal Powers-That-Be seem to be stoking racial upheaval.

    I’ve caught a lot of news items lately, not only involving violence by or against cops (plenty of that), but Black attacking White in general.

    I’ll state the obvious – that isn’t good. Forty years ago, there was actually some hope that we’d finally gotten our racial act together. Black people were graduating college and entering the business world. Progress was taking hold. The earlier idea of Black Pride had begun to evolve into Black Achievement.

    Then it all went to Hell and we’ve got today’s sorry state of affairs. Ghetto thugs make millions of dollars promoting the wonders of violence and a life of crime. Their fans emulate them as best they can. Serving a felony term in state prison gives you “Street Cred”. The soul of Black America is dieing.

    Sharpton, Obama and Company are keeping things moving between simmer and boil. What do you think? Will they actually create enough racial problems to trigger some state of emergency with a declaration of martial law?

  2. 05/13/2015 06:16

    I believe that is their goal.

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