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I had seen the previews watching Arrow and The Flash


For this program I thought I might like, The Messengers. I was like, well maybe, we’ll see. Decided to check it out, found out it wasn’t for a few days yet, so decided to go to They had already removed the pilot, since we are 6-7 episodes in, so searched for anyone that had it on line. Found, and started from episode 1.

There is a message here, an extremely good message. But their viewer numbers didn’t make them happy, so they are going to end it at season 1. They’ve cancelled season 2. Just like Firefly (yes, I am a Browncoat) which was a brilliant show which has run for years in replays, on demand, and they had to get Joss Whedon to make a closure movie years later.

Now, Firefly was good entertainment, with a prophetic message of it’s own. The Messengers is a brilliant show, with it’s own sort of prophecy.

If you go to CWTV, scroll down to the bottom of the page, find the feedback button, everything is pretty self explanatory. See if you think it might be worth screaming at the studio to save.

I did.

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