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I’m not going to tell you what it is


I’m not even going to categorize it to give you a clue. But you’ll like it. Oh hell, you’ll love it!

  1. poetopoet permalink
    05/30/2015 07:58

    This is proof but to whom? Not to liberals and RINOs. The full boot of this arseholes talk is sickening.

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/30/2015 10:05

    Obama may have communist features, but his attitude towards Islam is more immediately dangerous.

    The Imams in Indonesia had him for several critical years of his development. Look at his Mid East record. The Arab Spring that gave birth to the Islamists, including ISIS is his baby. Dismissing ISIS and Junior Varsity, he allowed them the time grow their strength until they now threaten the entire Mid East.

    His background, between his Islamic training and the communist indoctrination he got from his family and Davis is a toxic brew. I’d like to say that it’s unimaginable the voters of the U.S. could elect someone like him, but there he sits in the Oval Office.

  3. 05/30/2015 11:32

    No shit. And yet, it was buried during the campaigns. Why? Control of the powers that be.

  4. 05/30/2015 11:34

    And you, Jeff, are one of my other most brilliant minds. I feel so rewarded to have readers such as you, and FX, and a few others, read me and feel it worthy to comment here.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/31/2015 02:10

    Thank you very much.

    I haven’t had much to say lately because so little of it seems to have any positive impact. On any number of problems we’re facing today, there’s a wealth of information available and if we act correctly on that information, we will prosper. The problem is that our elected leaders (including now the GOP) sell us out and nothing changes.

    Take for example the TPP. The first alarm bell is that it’s being negotiated in deep secrecy. One of the few definite pieces of information we have is that it also compromises the legal integrity of the countries that agree to it. Add to that Obama getting his wish for fast track and I’m planning on buying extra Vaseline to ease the pain. Except for people like you and a handful of others at different blogs I frequent, no one seems to care or notice that we’re being screwed over again.

    I still remember when Clinton rammed the NAFTA agreement through. My Hollywood Cousin thought it was a wonderful thing and told me I was merely being selfish and reactionary in my attitude. Then a lot of his jobs went out of state and overseas as a result of NAFTA and he decided NAFTA wasn’t so good after all. I don’t yet know where he stands on the TPP, but I doubt he learned anything.

    It actually becomes a question of why bother when all my writing changes nothing except to put a target on my back when it comes to government retribution. I recently got hit for tax payments from 2002 and 2003 that were fully paid over 10 years ago. Since I didn’t have my 10+ year old payment records, I wound up paying double for those years. Now, did I get hit because some overworked government functionary screwed up the data entry or was I targeted because I’m pretty vocal about the corrupt state of our government? I’m appealing the decision, but I haven’t much hope.

  6. 05/31/2015 02:32

    You are precious to me, and thus this government tags you. Keep as much of your shit as you have the ability to, fight on every front.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/31/2015 03:59

    Thank you, I suppose that means I have had an impact. I just wish my impact were a little more visible. Right now, I’d even be happy if there were serious discussion about some of the points I’ve raised about Obama’s world view and how it’s ruining a lot of work from the last 70 years.

    The Egyptians know it. Check this piece from MEMRI:

    The feeling that outside of a small group of like minded people no one listens is what really bothers me. If nothing is going to change, why bother at all? I’m often amazed that people like you keep going week after week. It’s a lot of work even to write one really worthwhile comment, let along organizing a whole blog.

    The one thing I actually do worry about is that instead of bitch slapping me through the IRS, I’ll find a SWAT team coming in my door with some strange charges. I know that’s a little paranoid, but not impossible.

  8. 05/31/2015 16:17

    OT.. Hi CM.. I just wanted to pass this on to you. Blogger Bean Burner needs some help:

  9. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/31/2015 21:00

    I need to apologize for not vetting the video better. It’s a spoof.

    Here’s the original, where the relationship between the U.S. and Qatar is discussed. They begin by talking about how the U.S. abandoned the Shah of Iran.

    Hat Tip to David K. for the correction. Here’s the original:

    I think this is a video link:

  10. 05/31/2015 23:14

    Anymore? Not impossible at all.

  11. 05/31/2015 23:15

    Got it bro, up now as a link.

  12. 05/31/2015 23:15

    Thanks for the update.

  13. 06/01/2015 05:56

    Bye, poe.

  14. poetopoet permalink
    06/02/2015 12:50


  15. 06/02/2015 21:01


  16. poetopoet permalink
    06/03/2015 13:37

    Then Judas!

  17. 06/03/2015 14:15

    In what fashion? I told you in the past that anti-semitism has no place on my site. Even the ones that turned on Jesus played their part in proving Him the Savior. Hate the moslems for being children of Satan, but leave those who worship Yahweh alone. So they don’t see The Savior for Who He is. Their loss in the end. And all this bullshit about them “owning the world and all it’s wealth” is just that, bullshit. Stop your attacks. You did very well for a long time. Return to that, and we’re good.

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