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Cause of death listed as


“He laid down that boogie, and played that funky music til he died”:

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/04/2015 22:56

    Couldn’t sit down on that song. HAD to get up and move!!!
    LOVE IT!!

  2. poetopoet permalink
    06/05/2015 07:31

    Mighty white for a black singer, having fun to the end.

  3. 06/05/2015 12:29

    Well, I dont know about yall, but I can say with certainty that ALL the music I play is funky and will remain that same until I die.(this probably has something to do with that fact that I cant really “play” any instrument….but I can run a cat out of the room with a few “notes.”)

    : )

  4. 06/05/2015 21:42

    😆 Troy, I’m sure you’re better at it than I am.

  5. 06/05/2015 21:43

    The days of disco, or just a bit to either side.

  6. 06/05/2015 21:45

    That’s what it was all about.

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