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If Hank says it’s good, I’ll take his word


The original Bushmaster product did have it’s problems, K&M seems to have fixed them. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s good.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/09/2015 22:01

    That is most certainly a “MAN TOY” …too big for me!

  2. 06/09/2015 22:13

    It’s not that big. It’s not a pistol, but it’s tiny for a full powered rifle.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/11/2015 22:23

    …and he says they’re going to come out with a .308 version? Now that would be something for serious consideration. The 5.56 is pretty functional under most, but not all applications, the .308 will deal with anything short of an armored vehicle.

  4. 06/12/2015 01:58

    I really like my .308s. I don’t actually own a 5.56 at all. Was thinking about one of these for that reason alone.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/12/2015 03:09

    Any way you slice it, it’s a cool little piece, a tidy design that looks well integrated. I’d assume radiant heat from the barrel as it got hot, but how much do you think would actually transfer through the hand guard? Even wearing gloves, he made a serious point about how warm it was getting. With the barrel free floated, there’d only be direct heat transfer back at the breach. I think I’m missing something, apparently there’s a lot more heat transfer and a lot less heat radiated than I understand.

    You got any ideas?

  6. 06/12/2015 09:50

    Must be radiant barrel heat, and no heat wall inside. Let’s take the M-16 handguard for a thought. It has a heat shield and vents around the barrel, then vents between the shield and the actual handguard itself. But you shoot enough, and those get pretty hot too. In most cases, you won’t be shooting enough rounds in a short enough time to get it uncomfortably hot in a non combat role. I didn’t see that inner heatshield around the barrel in the frontal view of this, but it did look like there was a lot of airspace.

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