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Political Correctness WILL destroy us


And that is the purpose of the “progressives”:

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/09/2015 22:19

    Tis is such a great article about Political Correctness, I asked the author if I could have “Copyright Permission” to paste it everywhere I could.
    Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech
    The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.

    The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.

    I. Definition of Political Correctness

    Continue Reading;
    Kelly can be reached

  2. 06/09/2015 22:26

    And the whole theory of political correctness was from Marx, as I recall. It didn’t even exist prior to the creation of communism, and the ways to infiltrate it.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    06/09/2015 22:27


  4. 06/09/2015 22:56


  5. poetopoet permalink
    06/10/2015 04:17

    Once this post was hypocritical at best and reinstates what is not “Free Speech” to one person that is PC to another taken out of content and to be damned or judged by their tribe of worshipers and cohorts who have lost their way and the truth as in Ruth in quotation marks of another book.

    Alas, free speech is the freedom from the PC crowed by the multitudes that take ones eyeballs out on London Bridge with pleasure in some circles by the PC cronies. They’re the ones that threaten you and themselves with extinction and expulsion, as the pillars of salt no-more, intern turn back to correct their mistakes by one told to be crucified and denied.

    This songs lyric’s come to mind:

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you, my love, my heart above my head.
    Though I see the danger there
    If there’s a chance for me, then I don’t care

    Fools rush in where wise men never go
    But wise men never fall in love, so how are they to know?
    When we met, I felt my life begin
    So open up your heart and let this fool rush in

    Fools rush in where wise men never, never, never go
    Eh, but wise men never fall in love, so how are they to know?
    Ahh, when we met, girl, I felt my life begin
    So open up your heart and let this fool rush in

    Just open up your heart and let this fool rush on in
    Just open up your heart because I-I-I-I-I-I-I am coming in
    Open up your heart and let this fool rush in!!”

  6. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    06/10/2015 04:42

    Yesterday, Canada passed law C51 –
    “Today, the Senate approved PM Harper’s controversial Bill C-51 after a long period of study. The bill will give Canadian spy agency CSIS more powers to detain people.”

    My Canadian friend at the end of the vote when I asked how it was possible the people allowed this law to even come about –
    “What happened.. couldn’t say it in less than all the words ever…. I’m… lower than ever I’ve been I think.. or maybe just a different type of horrorific low… I don’t know..

    Hours before the vote, in conversation on twitter with another Canadian he tweeted –
    “I wish we had the wisdom to learn from the mistakes made by the US instead of just repeating them”
    He has now removed that and many other tweets.
    The man he was tweeting with removed the conversation from his timeline also.

    This tweet is at least six weeks old – I forgot to grab the date – Margaret E. Atwood ‏@MargaretAtwood
    As a journalist, I could be detained for 7 days w/out charges under #BillC51. + I & anyone could be “pre-criminalized.” This is Stalinist.

    upaces88 – that is an outstanding article, I have read it several times.
    CMB – I just love it. It takes a Brit to understand the 1st amendment better than most Americans. Thank you for posting the video.

  7. poetopoet permalink
    06/10/2015 06:10

    Knock, knock, who is there, the SS, go away, we cannot, we are the SS!

    My, my where did I go wrong? Is it my or these historical facts I brought to bear in my PC past and present post again?

    “Then, when these Marxist professors fled Hitler, they applied to emigrate to America and were accepted. The Germans brought PC with them. As Lind says,”

    “Members of the Frankfurt School were both Marxist and Jewish. In 1933 the Nazis came to power in Germany. Not surprisingly they shut down the Institute for Social Research. Its members fled to New York City, were the Institute was reestablished in 1933 by Columbia University. These shifted their focus from Critical Theory about German society, to Critical Theory directed toward American society.”

  8. 06/10/2015 06:27

    Yes, it came from Europe. Some of those “escapees” were no doubt agents.

  9. 06/10/2015 06:28

    Yeah, when I saw that I thought it perfect.

  10. 06/10/2015 06:29

    I can see that.

  11. 06/10/2015 21:09

    Thanks for sharing this LR. This has got to go viral.

  12. 06/11/2015 17:55

    We live in a corrupt, fascist, apartheid police state through our negligence and cowardice.

    Too many times we have allowed those who we looked to for leadership feed us a bill of goods about these people[the fascist left] who now impose this vicious state of affairs on us by saying we must be “civil” or we become “no better than they are” or they really do “love the country” they just have different ideas. This is and always was self refuting twaddle.

    We are better than they[the left] are and they know it. They do not engage in a logical intellectual way but in a viscerally primitive and hateful way. They don’t engage ideas but impugn motives based on their own self serving criteria which hypocritically never apply to themselves. These criteria have no moral or intellectual weight except those we’ve allowed them to steal through their unabashed chutzpah. They have no underpinning except brute force.

    We know we are better than they are and that they truly do not love the country as a free, consensual society by the way they cloak their intentions to impose their conceit upon us. This country became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world based on values nurtured by the freedoms recognized in our declaration and guaranteed in our constitution. This country and this country recognized the universal rights of free men and really have been the only real proponents of the citizen as sovereign concept. All have intrinsic rights, moral agency and personal responsibility with the state as neutral arbiter for not arbitrary tyrant over the unconnected.

    We know we are better than they are and they do not love this country as they misrepresent oppression, jealousy and theft under anodyne euphemisms such as “equality”(sanctioned theft by the state) “affirmative action” (race based oppression), and”social justice”(revenge). These are not moral stances as first thing that needs to be done is lie about their intent. They are, at their base, immoral ends. Do not let them[the fascist left] have the moral high ground by their subterfuge. Call them out whenever you can. Deny their basic premises: that they know better and that they care. If they actually did they would not pursue the imposition of the society they seek to impose. Every society that has been based on their precepts of power and control ends up economically destitute and morally bankrupt.

    This is because their whole world view is based on a lie. It has never worked in any form or fashion. So the first people they have to lie to is themselves to even pursue their desires. To paraphrase Dr Sowell if the leftists do not trust humans to make their own decisions because of human error how do they justify their claim to power as the last time we checked they are allegedly human. Would any sane man allow himself to associate with let alone be ruled or governed by someone who cannot even be honest with himself?

    Quite frankly Dr Sowell gave them too much credit. They are atavistic animals who seek to return humans to the dark ages of Hobbesian existence. This alone justifies the harshest of reprisals on these anti-civilizational punks and whores. They are a movement of mental infants who bang their sippy cup to get their way and instead of backhanding them and saying NO we gave in to their tantrums. Now they have become like recalcitrant teenagers who need a good ass kicking.

    As you can see it gets harder the longer we wait. The time for reason was long ago…now…

  13. 06/11/2015 20:40

    Good GOD, son! Superb, and front page.

  14. poetopoet permalink
    06/11/2015 20:55

    No names, no addresses, no religious or political rebellious group named by you FX, very PC.

    You, dare too anticipate a public or even an adjudicated pubic jubilee to a juvenile uprising?

    FX, only Blacks do that, at uninvited Pool Parties, whether it is on private property or not.

    FX, there is not a single white person male or female allowed to join or be part of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives Black Coccus that is graciously and racially biased.

  15. 06/12/2015 02:00

    Oh for fucks sake poe. Where did that shit come from? There was no need for specific names, addresses, any of that shit.

  16. poetopoet permalink
    06/12/2015 04:28

    By dawns early light I understand and comprehend your most intriguing posted essay here. I failed to notice your thoughts are right on the money and my rant was uncalled for, and I do apologize. No excuses, but I am so pissed and downright mad at our elected leaders and their supporters and voters I have lost all reason with them.

  17. 06/12/2015 09:51

    I understand, it is about enough to piss off the pope. Sometimes we erupt.

  18. poetopoet permalink
    06/12/2015 11:18

    My Theresa is going nuts I cannot take it anymore, the night fights are bad, all week and she does not remember a thing, her mother had it.

    Now my chest is hurting a lot, I can hardly breath, we just took a walk, I had set down a lot. Sorry I am taking my anger and frustrations out here. I try the deaf ear but she persists at 77, she now claims her mother never kissed her as a child, I can go on and on. Sorry.

  19. 06/12/2015 12:09

    We all have our days. I’m sorry yours are sucking so badly lately. You have been one of my great minds for a long time, try to relax and take a breath.

  20. poetopoet permalink
    06/12/2015 14:23

    Thanks Chris, I did and it worked. See what tonight brings me, Dr Jekyll or Mrs. Hide?

    I am still taken back by her split personalities that turn on a dine.

  21. 06/12/2015 15:52

    It is kinda hard to deal if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.


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