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As regards Political Correctness, I give you FX


We live in a corrupt, fascist, apartheid police state through our negligence and cowardice.

Too many times we have allowed those who we looked to for leadership feed us a bill of goods about these people[the fascist left] who now impose this vicious state of affairs on us by saying we must be “civil” or we become “no better than they are” or they really do “love the country” they just have different ideas. This is and always was self refuting twaddle.

We are better than they[the left] are and they know it. They do not engage in a logical intellectual way but in a viscerally primitive and hateful way. They don’t engage ideas but impugn motives based on their own self serving criteria which hypocritically never apply to themselves. These criteria have no moral or intellectual weight except those we’ve allowed them to steal through their unabashed chutzpah. They have no underpinning except brute force.

We know we are better than they are and that they truly do not love the country as a free, consensual society by the way they cloak their intentions to impose their conceit upon us. This country became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world based on values nurtured by the freedoms recognized in our declaration and guaranteed in our constitution. This country and this country recognized the universal rights of free men and really have been the only real proponents of the citizen as sovereign concept. All have intrinsic rights, moral agency and personal responsibility with the state as neutral arbiter for not arbitrary tyrant over the unconnected.

We know we are better than they are and they do not love this country as they misrepresent oppression, jealousy and theft under anodyne euphemisms such as “equality”(sanctioned theft by the state) “affirmative action” (race based oppression), and”social justice”(revenge). These are not moral stances as first thing that needs to be done is lie about their intent. They are, at their base, immoral ends. Do not let them[the fascist left] have the moral high ground by their subterfuge. Call them out whenever you can. Deny their basic premises: that they know better and that they care. If they actually did they would not pursue the imposition of the society they seek to impose. Every society that has been based on their precepts of power and control ends up economically destitute and morally bankrupt.

This is because their whole world view is based on a lie. It has never worked in any form or fashion. So the first people they have to lie to is themselves to even pursue their desires. To paraphrase Dr Sowell if the leftists do not trust humans to make their own decisions because of human error how do they justify their claim to power as the last time we checked they are allegedly human. Would any sane man allow himself to associate with let alone be ruled or governed by someone who cannot even be honest with himself?

Quite frankly Dr Sowell gave them too much credit. They are atavistic animals who seek to return humans to the dark ages of Hobbesian existence. This alone justifies the harshest of reprisals on these anti-civilizational punks and whores. They are a movement of mental infants who bang their sippy cup to get their way and instead of backhanding them and saying NO we gave in to their tantrums. Now they have become like recalcitrant teenagers who need a good ass kicking.

As you can see it gets harder the longer we wait. The time for reason was long ago…now…

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/11/2015 21:35

    I can’t possibly add anything more/ This IS a great article explaining. It breaks my heart that this “Political Correctness” has worn out its welcome’ yet, it gets worse every single day!

  2. 06/12/2015 01:58

    Was that not superb?

  3. upaces88 permalink
    06/12/2015 01:59

    It was great!!

  4. 06/13/2015 05:56

    Again you do me a great honor.

    Thank you for this forum as it keeps me hoping for the best and saves me the cost of psycho-therapy 😉 .

  5. 06/13/2015 09:27

    You send me so many good things. This, for example, just screamed “Why didn’t I write that!” so it had to go front page. Anything that good MUST be shared!

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