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I’m pretty sure I put up something about this before


But I’m pretty sure as well that it wasn’t this exact one. So, here’s the link to Freedom Outpost on it.

We already know this as truth, and we know how hard the libtards are trying to discredit it. Doesn’t matter, truth is truth, and numbers don’t lie. One of those interesting numbers is the fact that 600 times more people die from medical malpractice than gunfire. That guns are the least used murder weapon. Knives, table legs, you name it, firearms are at THE BOTTOM of the list of murder weapons. Check the link, read the article, but I’m borrowing the video:

This is the truth. We conservatives must make sure our facts are irrefutable, because the libs MUST be proven wrong with indisputable facts. “I feel like…” will immediately be trashed. We HAVE to lay it on the table for all the world to see.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/13/2015 01:56

    If facts were the real issue, the pro gun side would have won decades ago and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    The anti gun people run highly biased and emotional campaigns. They never let facts get in the way. We have to hit them with a campaign that has even greater emotional appeal.

  2. 06/13/2015 02:07

    The ones I find best are “saved by the gun” type stuff. And there are many.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/13/2015 06:44

    That’s always a good one, especially right now when a lot of people are a little leery of the police.

    How little they care about reality scares me a little. A few weeks ago, I cam across an anti gun piece that blatantly lied about gun crime stats. The true believers eat it with a spoon. The fact of the matter is that they just plain fear guns. They really are a bunch of tender plants.

  4. 06/13/2015 09:25

    Just makes you want to do something silly, like show them the true facts from the FBI.

  5. 06/13/2015 15:50

    C’mon CM you know that facts (i.e. true information) as we know them are just social constructs of the cisgendered heteronormative racist oppressor class patriarchy* designed to disenfranchise and debilitate all those sainted pet grievance groups.
    You remember them.

    Those are the groups currently using their version of facts (i.e narrative based truthiness that confirms their demented vision of the world) so they can implement “social justice” i.e based on a hierarchy of ever changing vicitmology and a faulty retailing of history.

    We are not dealing with the rational here. These are “people” who “think” with their cerbellum like most of the rest of the animal kingdom. They feel and emote, not think and reason.

    They are dumb animals and should be treated as such look at how their wards act and how they condescend to explain away the barbarity of the feral “humans”. Those that excuse the barbarity and wish to make you helpless with they deceit are the epitome of evil in the world who wish you dead for their perverted notions of “equality” and “fairness”.

    These are foreign concepts to these brigands unless you count the equality of misery and fair distribution of destitution their genius engenders. They just know that they will not be subject to these systems of “equality” and “fairness” as they intend to be holding the operational end of whatever weapons are available.

    See they do not object to guns. Just like they don’t object to war. They just object to us being able to use them to thwart their efforts.

    *Always wanted to use that phrase in a necessarily run on sentence. lol.

  6. 06/13/2015 16:34

    Seig Heil and shit. That fits, somehow.

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