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Fine, I’m grabbing another one from DPUD.


Awe-some that is.

Knights Templar v Predator

I forget where I saw this but it’s awe-freaking-some. It’s actually very good, not just not bad.

You should watch it before Fox gets it shut down.

Although SyFy will probably try to get it shut down too because it’s far better than the leftist agitprop they’re putting out and it makes them look like crap.

Related, via Say Uncle, Kung Fury, an 80sish sort of sci-fi, Kung Fu movie that is also better than anything SyFy has put out since Pteradactyl or, maybe, Sharktopus.

I’m with them on everything but it really bothers me when Hitler (aka Kung Fuhrer) has a minigun, that’s just ridiculous. I do like Triceracop.

Important Update!!!!!

Dumbledore is marrying Gandalf!!!!

Why do I care?

Because they’re doing it in front of the Westboro Freak Church.

RTWT, it’s related because it too is awe-fucking-some.

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  1. 06/13/2015 02:05

    This one is more fun than weird.

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