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Survival is your primary concern when the SHTF. Anybody remember the “Liberator” pistol? One used that to get a better gun. If you just want to not be anywhere near that Shit that is Hit The Fan, if you just want to have a firearm to feed yourself, this is well worth considering:

Then, there’s this for a slightly different angle:

  1. 06/17/2015 11:56

    With Marlin having self-destructed, Rossi is your best choice for a survival firearm for your bugout bag.

    As for this one – I’d need to punish it in field conditions – after having let it sit in a bag, uncared for, for a few months at least before I could review it. And then I’d need to see how it fed on less can condition 1 ammo of varying types.

  2. 06/17/2015 17:05

    Absolutely the way. I have one of those Plano suitcase things. Med kit, survival tools, breakdown .22 pump rifle (Rossi Galleria) I’ve beat until I was sure I could count on it, Ruger Single Six I’ve owned for 43 years and run untold bricks of ammo through, ammo, knives of varying descriptions, plus what goes on my belt as I go out the door.

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