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Now THIS is some bloody deep thought!


I don’t know about y’all, but this should give you great pause for thought.

I’ve told you in the past that I died in ’79. And my heart and mind haven’t been quite the same since. Have I sinned? Yes. Have I turned into a hardcore devout Christian? No, but of all the things my heart now knows to be true, it’s quite probably the best option of them all if you are just looking for one vein to follow.

All truth to none, some truth to most. It is the balance of your spirit, positive-negative-good-evil.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/17/2015 01:19

    Chris, I learned a very long time ago that there is a difference between “c”hristians and Christ-entered people. You ARE one of the rare people that I know are “Christ-Centered” and probably don’t even know it because YOU LIVE IT.

  2. 06/17/2015 01:20

    Thank you Elaine, that does warm my heart.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    06/17/2015 01:31

    There are very few of “Christ-Centered People” out there.

  4. 06/17/2015 02:09

    Jesus was real, and He was what He was. Or, IS. I just wish He’d get on with what must be done.

  5. upaces88 permalink
    06/17/2015 02:47

    I have so many books about him. The Indians in Northern America spoke of a “Holy Man” from across the great waters that came to them.
    They described him just as in how we would and do describe him.
    He was also known about in India.

  6. poetopoet permalink
    06/17/2015 10:27

    I hereby acknowledge Chris-John the Baptist of the world wide internet, amen, amen.

  7. 06/17/2015 10:46

    I’m blushing.

  8. 06/17/2015 10:49

    Considering who He was, and His mission, this is entirely possible. I too had heard these stories. And think of the Native American Great Spirit. One Main God, in control. Hmmmm?

  9. poetopoet permalink
    06/17/2015 13:27

    Blush, you will be read all-over before you it.

  10. 06/17/2015 17:05

    Oh, more than probably.

  11. Blessed B. permalink
    06/19/2015 05:36

    Just a couple of thoughts as I read the information….

    I don’t think that Saudi’s were necessarily worried about Russian oil…..they were worried about the Alberta Oil Sands oil…..thinking that if they plummeted the price of a barrel, that would take care of Canada oil. They know that Canada has more oil than they do….what they didn’t understand is that I no longer costs the Oil Sands 60 Dollars a barrel to get the oil……it now costs , due to the new technology, only about 13 dollars a barrel.

    Russia is doing much better than any have been told or believe….. no one is starving, they are doing business as usual. They won’t go bankrupt as many new industries and companies are building there…..

    I have my doubts that Putin will attack America over the sanctions….. it might happen though over something else that Obi does….. there won’t be any Russian boots on the ground either. Russia is capable of dropping missiles or launching from subs. They have stealth technology that is no picked up on radar! America won’t even see them coming!

    I also wonder why he ( Cain?) used a website that he has to pay for…He’s charging 49 dollars for the information…. yet one can go to any SHTF sites and get the information he is wanting to sell. Some folks don’t have the monies to buy his information….are they to perish because of the lack of funds?……

  12. 06/19/2015 06:38

    Ovomit is doing it’s best to trigger anything that will destroy this nation.

  13. poetopoet permalink
    06/20/2015 00:02

    Odd; Blessed B. you appear only here to me, as posted, no redirected, no new notification.

    You are right on, you see through the matrix. Putin knows we have Pulse Cannons, which will destroy anything in their path in space above a ten degree of asperse of earth.

    Russia’s fleet of subs like once as Germany, will destroy our surprising pearl, held so high. “They have stealth technology that is no picked up on radar! America won’t even see them coming!”

    I may add Obama with his orders will not detect or allow their detection.

    So what you state is correct, you scare me.

  14. 06/20/2015 00:17

    Too bloody right.

  15. 06/20/2015 00:22

    You know that Putin has a more American view of politik than Ovomit, right?

  16. Blessed B. permalink
    06/20/2015 00:37


    Obama and his orders are not necessary to detect or not detect… is a fact that Russia has jets and subs that CAN NOT be detected by radar because they have advanced on the stealth technology that Clinton stopped in America. Russia offered many of those who lost their jobs in his field to work for Russia….they were not to give Russia what America already had thereby standing by their secrets oath…but to start from that point and work forward. Which they did.

    America is now twenty or so years behind Russia in his area with no hopes of catching up! Obama has nothing that scares Russia….. not even the pulse cannons. If you can’t see them coming you have no chance to shoot them down.

    Do not be scared of me, LOL! I am only letting you know, what I know so that you won’t be taken in by the disinformation and propaganda that is running amok on the internet about Russia….which most likely is being posted by people working within the rogue agency that has 3 letters and starts with a C.

    I scare obi and his minions so much they think I’m going to start the next civil war! LOL! Bunch of idiots!

  17. Blessed B. permalink
    06/20/2015 00:46


    Putin most definitely has a more American view of politiks than obi does. Obi is trying to bring in Communism to America…..whereas Putin already knows where that leads and doesn’t want anything to do with that way anymore. He’s been there and done that and went through the time where Russians were starving to death during Glasnost…..

    Putin is not the monster or power hungry man that the internet is making him out to be. He does actually care about the Russian people and about Russia. He wants each to be healthy and happy and able to live well according to their own pursuits….without the American antagonists trying to do their dirty work in Russia.

    Obama just can’t stand to see strong leaders in other countries!

  18. upaces88 permalink
    06/20/2015 00:49

    Vladimir Putin’s Christian Faith – in his own words

  19. 06/20/2015 01:16

    Not a moslem, this is good.

  20. 06/20/2015 01:17

    Jealousy doesn’t fit well with malignant narcissism.

  21. 06/20/2015 01:18

    This filth in our government must be purged.

  22. Blessed B. permalink
    06/20/2015 04:31

    I agree CM….it must be purged…but by whom or what? What will it take to get that job done? I would have thought that the SHTF would have already happened….it’s not like obamalamadingdong and his minions haven’t been trying to rile things up for the past 6 years.

    obamalama has been doing exactly what his Saudi puppet masters paid him handsomely to do…..bring America to her knees and no one as of yet has decided to use that Rose Garden wall for it’s intended purpose.

  23. 06/20/2015 06:32

    Ah yes, the Rose Garden wall. Why do you think the filth has been so busy purging the military of Constitution Believing Patriots? Why do you think it made this latest statement about it being okay for jihadists to join the US military? On and on. And what do you think those purged CBPs have been thinking/doing since their “forced retirement”? Hide and watch.

  24. poetopoet permalink
    06/20/2015 08:58

    blessed B., Chris

    The Kill-Shot(s) OBTron (DoD) has planned are very mobile (bile) and deadly to all. Putin with this knowledge handed down by Mr. Snowden, may actually save some Americans, if that becomes the case. The OBTron bunker beneath the Rose Garden, I hope will be his tomb, not his command post.

  25. 06/20/2015 22:59

    Tomb is good.

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